How do you make a grass cutter feed?

How do you make a grass cutter feed?

One of challenge of some grasscutter farmers is feed formulation for grasscutters….Feed Formula for Young Grasscutter.

Ingredient Quantity (kg)
Soybean Meal 34.9
Vitamin Premix 3
Bone Meal 1.5
Salt 0.5

What do grass cutters eat?

Grasscutters are strictly herbivores, and prefer mainly tick-stemmed grass species (Schrage and Yewadan 1999). The feeding habits of grasscutter and other rodents (e.g. rabbits) are directly opposite.

How many grass cutters make a colony?

a colony should contain one male and three females in one Grass cutter cage. The Grasscutter pen/cage should be blocked at the back and opened at the front.

How much is a colony of Grasscutter in Nigeria?

A mature Grasscutter is sold for N5,000. (N5,000 X 12 Grasscutters = N60,000).

How long does it take Grasscutter to mature?

Some basic facts about grasscutter with regards to reproduction are as follows: Sexual maturity: Male grasscutters mature in 8 months or 32 weeks and they have a minimum body weight of 2.5kg while the female grasscutters mature in 6.5 months or 26 weeks having a minimum body weight of 1.8 kg.

How can you tell if a grass cutter is pregnant?

Imminent parturition is manifested by the expectant mother adopting the ‘penguin posture’ three days before delivery and a combination of the ‘penguin posture’ with frequent looks at the lower abdomen a day before delivery. The grasscutter delivers precocious young after 148-158days of gestation.

What is the best food of grass cutter?

Feeding grasscutter

  • Cassava.
  • Potato.
  • Yam.
  • Cassava peels and scraps.
  • Moringa.
  • Corn.
  • Sorghum.
  • Millet.

What is the gestation period of grass cutter?

The grasscutter delivers precocious young after 148-158days of gestation.

How much does a grass cutter cost?

The average cost of a gas-powered lawn mower is $1,068….Walk-behind lawn mower brands.

BRAND PowerSmart

Is Grasscutter farming profitable?

Very easy, cheap to start and maintain, grasscutter farming is said to be a highly profitable business in animal farming. It is also one of the most profitable animal husbandry businesses in Nigeria.

How do you deworm a grass cutter?

You can feed your grasscutter with both pawpaw and pumpkin (especially the seeds) regularly as they contain anthelminthic compounds. Pawpaw contains carpaine while pumpkin contains cucurbitin. They both remove intestinal worms effectively and without any side effects on your animals.

How many times can a Grasscutter give birth in a year?

Numbers of litters per year: 2 litters. Number of young per litter: 3-11 young. Suckling period: 40 days before weaning.

When is the best time to feed A grasscutter?

There is need to use artificial feeding as supplement when rearing your grasscutter in order to the grasscutter the require nutrition value. A good formulated feed for grasscutter is written below; The reproductive age of grasscutter is 7-8 months for both sexes. This exercise is carried out on the third month of the birth of the grasscutter.

How long does it take for A grasscutter to reproduce?

A Grasscutter reproduces at least four offsprings per reproduction. These young animals suckle for 49 days before weaning. It is crucial to select good grasscutter breeds for stocking; breed selection should not be done at random. The selection should be made on the basis of weight; the male should be 0.5 to 1 kg heavier than the females.

Why are grass cutters so easy to use?

The high speed rotation of the blades along with the centrifugal force acted on it due to its minimal weight enable the flexible plastic wires cut the grass easily despite being not any hard and sharp material which is generally associated with any cutting blades.

Is there a market for Grasscutter farming in the US?

Looking for any agribusiness that requires low cost with big returns, you need to consider grasscutter farming; it is one of the unexplored opportunities in agriculture. Grasscutter breeding is highly lucrative; the market opportunities of grasscutter is yet to be fully explored.