How do you find the timestamp of a file in Unix?

How do you find the timestamp of a file in Unix?

The command is called stat . If you want to adjust the format, refer to the man pages, since the output is OS-specific and varies under Linux/Unix. Generally, you can get the times through a normal directory listing as well: ls -l outputs last time the file content was modified, the mtime.

How do I search for a file from a specific date in Unix?

You can use the find command to find all files that have been modified after a certain number of days. Note that to find files modified before 24 hours ago, you have to use -mtime +1 instead of -mtime -1 .

What UNIX command displays the OS version?

“uname” Command Examples to Check UNIX/Linux Version

Option Description
-s Displays the kernel name
-n Displays the network node (a.k.a. the host name)
-r Displays the release version of the kernel
-v Displays the version (date) of the kernel

How do you display AM or PM in Unix?

Options Related to Formatting

  1. %p: Prints the AM or PM indicator in uppercase.
  2. %P: Prints the am or pm indicator in lowercase. Note the quirk with these two options. A lowercase p gives uppercase output, an uppercase P gives lowercase output.
  3. %t: Prints a tab.
  4. %n: Prints a new line.

Which command displays current date and time?

The date command
The date command displays the current date and time. It can also be used to display or calculate a date in a format you specify.

How do I grep a date in Unix?

“grep for today’s date” Code Answer

  1. $ grep “$(date +”%Y-%m-%d”)” file.
  2. 2013-06-21 00:01:24,915 – INFO.
  3. 2013-06-21 00:01:24,915 – INFO.

How do I find the last two days in Unix?

You can search for files whose time stamps are within a certain age range, or compare them to other time stamps. You can use -mtime option. It returns list of file if the file was last accessed N*24 hours ago. For example to find file in last 2 months (60 days) you need to use -mtime +60 option.

How to see the current time / date on Unix based server?

How do I see the current time/date on Unix based server? The date command under UNIX displays date and time. You can use the same command set date and time. You must be the super-user (root) to change the date and time on Unix like operating systems. The date command shows the date and time read from the kernel clock.

How to get current date in Unix / Linux shell script?

#!/bin/bash now = “$ (date)” printf “Current date and time %s ” “$now” now = “$ (date +’%d/%m/%Y’)” printf “Current date in dd/mm/yyyy format %s ” “$now” echo “Starting backup at $now, please wait…” # command to backup scripts goes here # You learned how to display the current date and time on Linux and Unix-like systems.

How to display modified date time with’find’command?

This should give the filename followed by its modification time on the same line of the output. The accepted answer works but it’s slow. There’s no need to exec stat for each directory, find provides the modification date and you can just print it out directly.

How to print date and time using Linux command line?

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