How do you find primary research?

How do you find primary research?

Components of a Primary Research StudyWhen you do a search in the database, find a promising article in your results list and then look at the record for that item (usually by clicking on the title). Although the abstract often tells the story, you will need to actually look at (and read) the article to know for sure.

How do you critically assess a paper?

Critical reading:Identify the author’s thesis and purpose.Analyze the structure of the passage by identifying all main ideas.Consult a dictionary or encyclopedia to understand material that is unfamiliar to you.Make an outline of the work or write a description of it.Write a summary of the work.

How do you evaluate a paper?

Here is a reminder on what to bear in mind when reading a research article:Research question. The research must be clear in informing the reader of its aims. Sample. Control of confounding variables. Research designs. Criteria and criteria measures. Data analysis. Discussion and conclusions. Ethics.

How do you judge an article?

When evaluating an article, attention should be paid to the identity of the writer and to the publisher. A good starting point for evaluating an article is the amount of citations it has received. In addition, one should evaluate the objectivity of the text and the references used.

How do you rate an article?

Next to the title of the article is a box with five white stars. To rate the article just move your mouse over the stars – they will change color. Once the desired number of stars have changed color left click with your mouse. The rating of the article goes up with the number of colored stars.

How do you evaluate the accuracy of an article?

When considering accuracy, ask yourself the following questions:Has the source been edited or peer-reviewed?Has the author supplied a list of references for their work? Is the information provided verifiable? Is the language or tone opinion based or does it contain facts and statistics?

What makes a good scholarly article?

The following characteristics list provides features of a Scholarly Article: Often have a formal appearance with tables, graphs, and diagrams. Always have an abstract or summary paragraph above the text; may have sections decribing methodology. Articles are written by an authority or expert in the field.

What are the parts of Article critique?

What is included in an article critique?The author’s name(s) and the title of the article.The author’s main point.A thesis statement that previews your analysis.

How do you critique a case study article?

How to Write a Critique for a Case AnalysisCase Details Overview. A critique of a case analysis must first delineate the details of the case study for readability and clarity. Unbiased Interpretation of Analysis. A critique must also detail the findings of the case analysis using impartial language. Thesis Rationale. Point and Counterpoint. Validation or Dissension.

What is the steps of case study?

STEPS OF CASE STUDY METHOD The following steps can be followed: Identify and define the research questions – The researcher starts with establishing the focus of the study by identifying the research object and the problem surrounding it. The research object would be a person, a program, an event or an entity.