How do you describe results in a research paper?

How do you describe results in a research paper?

The results section should simply state the findings, without bias or interpretation, and arranged in a logical sequence. A section describing results [a.k.a., “findings”] is particularly necessary if your paper includes data generated from your own research.

What are summary findings?

Due to clarity demand, summary of findings must contain each specific question under the statement of the problem and must be written first to be followed by the findings that would answer it. The findings should be textual generalizations, that is, a summary of the important data consisting of text and numbers.

What is a summary in research?

A research summary is a type of paper designed to provide a brief overview of a given study – typically, an article from a peer-reviewed academic journal. A research summary typically preserves the structure/ sections of the article it focuses on.

Is there a conclusion in a summary?

There is customarily no conclusion to a summary essay. When you have summarized the source text, your summary essay is finished. Do not add your own concluding paragraph unless your teacher specifically tells you to.