How do you critique a study design?

How do you critique a study design?

The critique at this stage should address how the theory explains the question. Read the literature review. Make sure that the articles and books used reflect the theoretical design of the proposed report. Clarify carefully that the papers are recent and reflect state-of-the-art knowledge.

How do you critique guidelines?

Writing the CritiqueIntroduce the subject of the critique and identify the author. Briefly summarize the argument of the author. Analyze the author’s presentation based upon points presented and whether or not the author succeeded.Respond to the presentation or focus upon the assumptions the author makes.

How do you assess a literature review?

Tips to Evaluate SourcesAuthority: Who is the author? what is his/her credentials–what university he/she is affliliated? Usefulness: How this source related to your topic? How current or relevant it is to your topic?Reliability: Does the information comes from a reliable, trusted source such as an academic journal?