How do you cite a volume issued page?

How do you cite a volume issued page?

Structuring volume and issue numbers in APAThe volume and issue numbers follow the publication title.After the comma following the italicized title, put the volume number in italics.Then, omitting the space, put the issue number in parentheses without italics.

How do I check if a ISSN is valid?

ISSN numbers consist of 8 digits. To check validity of an ISSN number enter the 8 digit ISSN number in the box below. Note: Some ISSN’s ended to ‘X’, (e.g. ISSN: 2090-424X). “X” is 8th digit of the ISSN and is a part of the ISSN.

Is edition the same as issue?

What is the difference between Edition and Issue? Edition refers to the limited number of copies of a book or a novel published in a particular year. On the other hand, Issue is a word that is mostly used in the case of print media to indicate the month of the year in which it was published.

How do you find a citation?

Find Your H-IndexEnter the name of the author in the top search box (e.g. Smith JT). Select Author from the drop-down menu on the right. Click on Search.Click on Citation Report on the right hand corner of the results page. The H-index is on the right of the screen.