How do I see missed calls on my Cisco IP Phone 7965?

How do I see missed calls on my Cisco IP Phone 7965?

Press the Directories button. Select Missed Calls (1). Or choose another list: Received Calls Placed Calls Your phone’s LCD display will indicate if you have missed a call. Use the Directories menu to view (and dial from) call records in your Missed Calls, Received Calls, and Placed Calls directories.

How do I check my call log on my Cisco phone?

Press All Calls . Press Applications and select Call History. Step 2 Use the Navigation pad and Select button to scroll and select a call record or call group. Step 3 Press Exit to return to the Applications screen.

How do I reset my 7965 phone?


  1. Unplug the power cable from the IP phone and then plug it back in.
  2. While the phone is powering up, and before the Speaker button flashes on and off, press and hold the hash # key.
  3. Continue to hold # until each line button (right of the LCD screen) flashes on and off in sequence in orange color.

How do you troubleshoot a Cisco phone?

General Troubleshooting Sequence:

  1. Disable DHCP and DNS to Test a Phone.
  2. Check for the Incorrect MAC Address on the Phone Label.
  3. Cisco CallManager and TFTP Services Do Not Run.
  4. Delete and Recreate a Phone.
  5. Understand a Network Trace File.
  6. Use Performance Monitor to Analyze Phone Activity.

How do you call a missed call on a Cisco phone?

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Press the Setup button on the IP phone to bring up the Setup menu.
  2. Select Call History and press Select, or press 1, to bring up the Local Services menu.
  3. Select Missed Calls and press Select, or press 1, to bring up the Missed Calls menu.

How do I turn off the red light on my Cisco IP phone?

To listen to your voicemail messages on the phone line please click here. Once you have listened to your messages you can follow the voice prompts to delete the messages which will then remove the solid red light on the phone.

How can I see the last number that called my phone?

How to Find the Last Number of the Last Phone Call Received

  1. Press “Menu” on your cellular phone.
  2. Select “Call History,” “Call Records” or “Recent Calls.”
  3. Select “Missed Calls” or “Incoming Calls.” The most recent missed call should be automatically highlighted.
  4. Select “View” to see the number of the last call.

How do you reset a VOIP phone?

Unplug the power cable from the ip phone and then plug it back in. Immediately press and hold # and when the Headset, Mute and Speaker buttons begin to flash in sequence, release the # button.

How do I reprogram my Cisco phone?

Cisco 7841 phone Factory Reset:

  1. Unplug the phone: •
  2. Wait 5 seconds.
  3. Press and hold # and plug the phone back in.
  4. When the Mute button light and handset strip light both turn off (all other lights stay green), press 123456789*0# in sequence. When you press 1, the lights on the line buttons turn red.

How do I reset my Cisco 7940 phone?

Press and hold the # (Pound/Hashtag) key and plug the Ethernet & power cable back in. Press in order 123456789*0# to begin the reset sequence. If entered correctly, it will ask if you would like to save the network config which you will select No (option 2) and it will then continue with the reset accordingly.