How do I get the Chronicle sword in Dark Cloud?

How do I get the Chronicle sword in Dark Cloud?

In Dark Cloud, the Chronicle 2 is only acquired after defeating Black Knight Pendragon at the 100th floor, where as in Dark Chronicle it is acquired by building up the Chronicle Sword into the Chronicle 2.

What does fragile mean in Dark Cloud?

Fragile. Increases the rate at which WHp is lost. Opposite of Durable. Random.

What is ABS in Dark Cloud?

Weapon experience comes in the form of ABS (short for “Absorption”), which is gained by defeating enemies, stronger enemies drop more ABS.

How do I get Steve Dark Cloud?

Steve is a slingshot weapon used by Xiao in Dark Cloud. Steve can be obtained randomly from dungeon treasure chests. It resembles a small man, with arms forming the shape of the slingshot. Although rather weak, its most notable feature is that it can talk.

What do the gems do in Dark Cloud?

Gemstones, also known as Gems in Dark Cloud, are a type of item in the Dark Cloud series. They are used as Attachments and to synthesize a multitude of weapon attributes onto weapons at once.

What is Status break in Dark Cloud?

Once a weapon reaches +5 it can Status Break, which involves sealing the weapon into a Synth Sphere (or SynthSphere), which retains only 60% of its entire base stats and whatever attachments it had in its slots.

What kind of weapons do toans have in dark cloud?

Toan Starting weapon:Dagger Utltimate weapons:Sword of Zeus, 7th Heaven Chronicle and Chronicle2 (note:Chronicle sword DOES NOT build up into a Chronicle2) Baselard Baselard:Sax:Dusack:Brave Ark:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven Baselard:Sax:Dusack:7 Branch Sword:Atlamillia Sword:Chronicle Gladius…

Which is the best sword in dark cloud?

1. Chronicle 2 This is Toan’s strongest weapon in the original (and later becomes a high-tier sword of Monica in the 2nd installment). The sword has a look that really screams powerful and boasts one of those cool designs with a hollow center illuminated by a blazing light.

Who are the main characters in dark cloud?

This is a FAQ for the weapons of Toan (the main character). This guide will show all the weapons and what they build up into.

What does poor mean in dark cloud weapon?

-Poor = Whenever you kill an enemy that drops gilda with a weapon that has Poor on it the amount of gilda it drops will be less. It is the opposite of Big Bucks. -Durable = It makes the WHP lost per hit / shot less. It is the opposite of Fragile.