How do I get a new Invisible Fence collar?

How do I get a new Invisible Fence collar?

You can purchase replacements through your local dealer by calling 866-804-1250. Yes! Bring your Invisible Fence transmitter and Computer Collar receiver with you to your new home and contact us at 866-804-1250 to install new boundary wire, flag your property and re-train your pet(s) to their new boundaries.

What collar is compatible with Invisible Fence?

Pet Stop Receivers are compatible with Invisible Fence® Also, your replacement collar will include Pet Stop’s exclusive Comfort Contacts® to cushion your pet’s neck with soft rubber. Pet professionals prefer Perimeter’s rubber Comfort Contacts to help avoid serious skin irritation and injury.

How much is a new Invisible Fence collar?

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This item Perimeter Technologies New Dog Fence Collar for Invisible Fence Brand Pet Fencing Systems – Better Than The R21!| Invisible Fence System Frequency| 7k PERIMETER TECHNOLOGY – R21 Compatible Dog Collar
Price $14486 $15495
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How big is collar for Invisible Fence?

The Invisible Fence collar should be snug enough to slide only one finger between a correction post and your pet’s skin. Remember to adjust the fit of the collar as your pet’s coat, weight, and age change.

Can you use a bark collar and an Invisible Fence collar?

If used on two dogs, will the bark of one dog set-off the other dog’s collar? No – the collar must be in contact with the dog’s neck to be activated. Can my dog wear both the Hidden Fence collar and the BarkCollar? Yes.

Which is the best wireless Invisible Fence?

Best Overall: SpotOn Fence.

  • Play.
  • Best Electric Dog Fence: Extreme Professional Grade.
  • SportDOG Brand Underground Wire Electric Fence.
  • PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System.
  • FOCUSER Electric Wireless Fence for Dogs.
  • Extreme Dog Fence Standard Grade.
  • WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence.
  • PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence.
  • How much does it cost to install invisible dog fence?

    If you feel safer getting the invisible fence professionally installed, the invisible fence cost will usually be between $700 and $2,000 depending on the company, the cost of living in your area, the specific fence you purchase, and the size of your yard.

    What is the best brand of Invisible Fence?

    Free Spirit In-Ground Invisible Fence Overall Score: 9.1 Reviews Included: 1

  • Extreme Dog Fence Standard Grade Electric Fence Overall Score: 8.9 Reviews Included: 2
  • PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems
  • What is invisible fence system?

    The term invisible fence™ is actually the name for a radio-signaled barrier system that many dog owners use to keep their dogs on their property. Contrary to what many people believe, an invisible fence™ is not a buried wire that stays hot and ready to zap a dog with a bolt of electricity when it gets near.