How do I contact MFJ?

How do I contact MFJ?

MFJ Enterprises Inc:

  1. MFJ Enterprises Inc:
  2. Toll Free: 1-800-647-1800.

Does MFJ own Ameritron?

MFJ also owns five sister companies, Ameritron, Mirage, Vectronics, Cushcraft, and Hy-Gain.

Where is MFJ located?

MFJ Enterprises

Type Private
Headquarters Starkville, Mississippi
Area served Worldwide
Key people Martin F. Jue (founder), Steven Pan (vice president)
Products Amateur radio equipment

Where are MFJ products made?

Maybe you missed it, but all of their plants are in Starkville, Mississippi. They have been their for 40 years.

Who owns cushcraft antennas?

Laird Group PLC
Waltham’s Polaris Venture Partners reports that Manchester, N.H.-based Cushcraft Corp. has been acquired for $89.75 million by the United Kingdom-based Laird Group PLC, an electronics, security systems and distribution group. The Cushcraft business and its management will be integrated with St.

How long is MFJ 1982mp?

MFJ-1982HP, $109.95. 800 Watts, high power, 80-10 Meters, 132 feet.

Who makes Comet antennas?

NatCommGroup is the North American Distributor for COMET and MALDOL brand antenna products designed, manufactured and quality controlled in Japan. We are also the distributor of DAIWA brand RF SWR/power meters and switching power supplies and we sell some Creative Design (Create) antennas (Made in Japan).

How does a G5RV antenna work?

7 MHz, 40 metres: On 40 metres the G5RV antenna operates using the top section plus nearly 5 metres of the matching section and it operates as a partially folded collinear array with two half waves in phase. Again the antenna presents a reactive load to any transmitter at its input.

Who makes cushcraft antennas?

MFJ Enterprises Inc
Cushcraft | MFJ Enterprises Inc.

What is the difference between PL 259 and so 239?

Typically, the SO-239 (UHF Female/UHF Jack) is installed ON THE RADIO, and the PL-259 (UHF Male/UHF Plug) is installed ON THE CABLE. The two “mate” and are collectively known as a UHF Connection.

How long should an end fed antenna be?

It is important to use a counterpoise. A standard recommendation (see QST, March 1936, p. 32, “An Unorthodox Antenna”) is an 84′ long end fed and a 17′ long counterpoise (6.5′ for 20m)….Wire Lengths for Various Band Combinations.

Group USA Bands
a 40-30-20-15
b 40-30-20-17
c 40-30-20-17-15-12-10
d 80-40-30-20-17-15-12-10

Is there a repair service for Ameritron amplifiers?

Ameritron (and other) Amplifier Repair Service We offer update and service from the original designer of ALL Ameritron amplifiers and amplifiers sold by many other companies. We will correct manufacturing defects or component failure issues with fast turnaround times.

Are there any parts that work with Ameritron?

We inventory tens of thousands of new RF parts, so generally parts are not an issue. We offer tubes, transistors, parts, and service for Ameritron, Heathkit, Henry, Mirage, Vectronics, Dentron, National, Alpha, Collins, and all other brands.

What are the symptoms of an Ameritron AMP?

Here are the symptoms. When I tried to key up the amp I heard a sharp clap, saw an arc and smelled smoke. Shut down. Opened her up and could see that the caps were leaking. One ceramic resister against the back top wall had a black spot on one end.

Where are the screws in an Ameritron amplifier?

ALL screws should be in the amplifier cover, the cord plug tucked safely away from the amplifier, and the amplifier bagged. If the package with the tub e or amplifier cannot take a 20-30 inch drop and cushion the item safely, the shipment runs an increased risk of damage.