How do I cite the Rome Statute?

How do I cite the Rome Statute?

For example, to cite to the Rome Statute, just use the phrase Rome Statute in your citation and the full citation will be added during Coding.

How do you cite an ICC case?

Citation of a case before the International Court of Justice or its predecessor, the Permanent Court of International Justice, includes the following information: (1) case name, (2) parties’ names, if any, (3) characterization of the decision, if relevant, (4) volume and name of the publication in which the decision is …

Is the Rome Statute a treaty?

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (often referred to as the International Criminal Court Statute or the Rome Statute) is the treaty that established the International Criminal Court (ICC).

How can you describe the international criminal justice law?

International criminal justice is a field of international law that calls for the prosecution of the planners and organizers of the gravest war crimes and human rights abuses.

Is the Rome Statute binding?

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) cannot be binding on individuals. It is a treaty, to which only states can be parties, since individuals are not subjects of international law, and it is, furthermore, a general principle of international law that treaties cannot bind non-parties.

What do you know about the Article 21 of the Statute of ICC explain briefly?

Article 21(1) of the Rome Statute allows the ICC to consult IHRL as a subsidiary source of applicable law. More importantly, Article 21(3) obliges the Court to respect ‘internationally recognized human rights’.

How do you cite the ICJ statute?

In the case of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, the citation, 33 UNTS 993 should actually be a citation to the United States Treaty Series: TS 993 or USTS 993. According to Bowman and Harris, the Statute can also be found in the following treaty series: UKTS 67 (1946) [United Kingdom Treaty Series]

How do you cite ICJ decisions?

Cite the case name; the names of the parties, if any; the type of court document (such as preliminary objection, advisory opinion); the volume and name of the publication in which the decision is found; the page or case number; the pincite, if any, with preference for paragraph number when available; and the date.

What are the 4 international crimes?

The core crimes under international law are genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression.

What should be included in a statute citation?

A proper statute citation should include the following: Italicize the official short title of the statute, then put a comma. If there is no official short title, use the title as it appears at the beginning of the statute.

How to indicate the year of publication of a statute?

Indicate the year of publication of the sessional or revised statutes volume, followed by a comma, unless a session or a supplement is to be included. Indicate the chapter number assigned to the statute in the statute volume, followed by a period, unless you are pinpointing, in which case it is followed by a comma.

When to cite to a revised statute volume?

It is always preferable to cite to the “Revised Statutes” volumes (e.g. RSO) where possible. Only cite to a sessional or annual volume (e.g. SO) if the statute was enacted after the last statutory consolidation.

How are chapters numbered in the Revised Statutes?

Moreover, in some jurisdictions, the chapters within the Revised Statutes volumes are alphanumerically numbered, while the chapters in the Statutes volumes are simply numeric. Include any session or supplement information within parentheses, abbreviating the word “Session” to “Sess” and the word “Supplement” to “Supp”.