How do I bring an object to the front in MicroStation?

How do I bring an object to the front in MicroStation?

MicroStation V8 2004 Edition – Use Edit > Bring to Front 07.24 and later, you can change the element order by first creating a selection set of the elements you want to bring to the front and then selecting Edit > Bring to Front.

How do I change the view in MicroStation?

Opening and Arranging Views You can resize the MicroStation views by clicking and dragging the view edges. Tips: You can’t resize the view when it is maximized. Restore down by double clicking the view title or click restore down button.

How do I change priority level in MicroStation?

Set Fill to be behind all, Set Lines to be on top of all. Make sure Level Priority column is turned on in Level Manager. Right Click in Name box to check on Priority.

What is priority in MicroStation?

In any case, MicroStation’s help has the following text: Element Priority. (2D models only) Element Priority is a display-only setting that determines the order in which elements are displayed in a view.

How do you move cells in MicroStation?


  1. Open the Cell Library.
  2. Go to File > Models and choose the Cell/Model that you want to modify.
  3. Key-in: choose all;move extended;/d;xy=0,0,0.
  4. Select the point where you want the origin of the cell to be.

How do you rotate cells in MicroStation?

To use, start by selecting a linear element at the position the cell is to be placed. The cell may then be rotated by using a second data point to define the rotation. If the reset button is pressed instead, the cell will be placed at a an angle to the element, equal to the active angle.

How to bring MicroStation V8i to the front?

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How does MicroStation display elements in the order they are drawn?

By default, MicroStation displays the elements on your screen in the order in which they were drawn. If you’re using reference files, the active file will display first followed by the reference files in the order of attachement.

How does bring to front work on Bentley?

Bring to Front Brings the selected element to the front of the view display. If an element is not selected, you are prompted to identify the element to bring to the front.

How does the change pen work in MicroStation?

When using the CHANGE_PEN=COLOR, WEIGHT or LEVEL options, MicroStation sorts through the drawing so that all elements to be plotted with the same pen are plotted one after another. That is, all elements with the same color, weight or on the same level.