How can I listen to all India mobile radio?

How can I listen to all India mobile radio?

All India Radio (AIR) has launched a non-conventional audio broadcast channel through Internet and ‘free dish’ called RAAGAM. The channel is presently available as an app on the mobile over Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

How can I get Indian Radio on my Android?

Thankfully, there were a lot of options available for Indian radio lovers on the Google Play Store….The Best 3 Indian Radio Apps for Android – Listen Wherever You…

  1. FM Radio India.
  2. All India Radio News.
  3. Gaana: Bollywood & Hindi Songs.

What is the app for all radio stations?

Here are the best radio apps for Android right now.

  • AccuRadio.
  • iHeartRadio.
  • myTuner Radio.
  • Pandora Radio.
  • Radio Online.

Is All India Radio closed?

Media reports on closure of All India Radio stations are ‘fake news’: Prasar Bharati. Representative image. Prasar Bharati on Wednesday clarified that no All India Radio (AIR) station is being closed anywhere in any state across India.

How can I listen to radio?

The TuneIn Radio app gives you access to hundreds of Internet radio stations broadcasting around the world….They’re free, though paid versions might also be available.

  1. Some phones may feature FM radio apps.
  2. It’s best to listen to Internet radio when your phone is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection.

Which app is best for FM radio?

Top 5 Best Radio Apps for Android in 2019

  • 1 – TuneIn Radio – Unveil Up to 100.000 Radio Stations. TuneIn radio application comes with up to 100,000 radio stations.
  • 2 – Audials Radio App. Are you looking for a powerful radio app for android?

Is there an app for AM radio?

It’s possible! Because our app is fast and can run on all your Android devices, if you have a cell phone or a tablet you can listen to radios from all over the world live! Download Radio FM AM Free – Radio World online + Radio App and enjoy your favorite radio stations right on your fingers!

Which city has headquarters of All India Radio?

His headquarter is at Akashvani Bhavan, Parliament Street, New Delhi 110001 (India).

Who started radio?

Guglielmo Marconi
Reginald FessendenWilliam DubilierRex Garrod

In the mid 1890s, building on techniques physicists were using to study electromagnetic waves, Guglielmo Marconi developed the first apparatus for long distance radio communication.

What radio stations are in India?

It’s with this great power that it brings all the biggest stars directly to your tuners at your convenience, at preference of the listeners. Other prominent radio stations of India are Air FM, Vividh Bharati, S FM, Rangila FM, Radio Dhoom, Meow FM, Oye FM.

Is there a radio/music app?

10 best radio apps for Android AccuRadio iHeartRadio myTuner Radio Pandora Radio Radio Online SiriusXM Spotify TuneIn Radio XiliaLive Internet Radio Local radio apps

What is Indian FM radio?

Big FM . 92.7 BIG FM is a nationwide private FM radio station in India owned by Indian businessman Anil Ambani. It broadcasts at 92.7 MHz (92.7FM). BIG FM’s main tagline is “Suno Sunao, Life Banao”. This is very well known tagline.