How can I fix my Galaxy S4?

How can I fix my Galaxy S4?

How to Fix Galaxy S4 Performance Issues

  1. Turn the Galaxy S4 off.
  2. Press and hold Home, Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the device vibrates.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, release them.
  4. Tap Volume Down repeatedly until you Wipe Cache Partition.
  5. Wait for the process to complete.
  6. Reboot your Galaxy S4.

How do you take apart a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini?

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  1. Open the back cover.
  2. 1 Remove the battery.
  3. Pry and remove the middle frame.
  4. Disconnect connectors on the PCB and remove it.
  5. Remove the headphone jack/socket.
  6. Pry and remove the earpiece (speaker) and front (selfie) camera.
  7. Remove the lower PCB.

Where do I find notes on my Samsung phone?

Samsung Notes is a hub for all your hand-written notes, sketches, drawings. Tap + icon at the bottom of the main screen of Samsung Notes to create notes.

Why is my Samsung S4 Mini not turning on?

For a hard reset, you’ll need to ensure that you turn your smartphone completely off. Press down on the volume rocker, the home button and the lock button simultaneously. As soon as the S4 Mini vibrates, release the lock button and continue holding down on the other two buttons.

How can I update my Samsung S4?

Update automatically over the air (OTA) for Android 4.4. 4/M919UVSFQA1

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the More tab.
  4. Tap About device.
  5. Tap Software update.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  7. Wait as your phone restarts and updates.

Why can’t I see my Samsung Notes?

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Accounts and backup. Step 2: Tap on Samsung Cloud followed by Synced apps. Step 3: Turn off the toggle under Sync on for Samsung Notes. Restart the phone and then turn the same toggle on.

Is it possible to repair a Samsung Galaxy S4?

Accompany us on all of our latest teardown excursions on Twitter and Facebook! This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Samsung Galaxy S4, use our service manual. With the newest addition to the Galaxy S line, Samsung has decided to ditch the roman numerals.

Where can I read the Galaxy S4 user manual?

You can read it online whenever you want. If you want to download the PDF version of the user manual, you can go tothis page to download the user manual of your language. Enjoy this Galaxy S4 online manual. If you want to know some features in detail, you may check this page: Galaxy S4 features explained.

How to replace the front glass on Samsung Galaxy S4?

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How do you remove shortcuts on Samsung Galaxy S4?

Remove a Shortcut 1. Press to display the main Home screen. 2. Touch and hold the desired shortcut to unlock it from its location on the current screen. 3. Drag the icon to the Remove icon and release it. As you place the shortcut into the Trash, both items turn red. Release the widget to place it on the screen.