How can I check my Indane gas connection status?

How can I check my Indane gas connection status?

Step by Step for Check Indane gas application Status online

  1. First Applicant Visit Indane Oil corporation official Website
  2. Than click on “Online Services” Option on Lift Side of Webpage.
  3. Now Click on “New connection“.
  4. Than click on “Check application status“

How can I get new Indane gas connection in Bangalore?

For Indane gas, you can visit their website at and register and create your account. You can either get a new connection or submit a cylinder refill request depending on your needs through online booking.

How can I get cylinder connection in Bangalore?


  1. 3 Major LPG suppliers in Bangalore are,
  2. Online application:
  3. Step 1: Open the indane website
  4. Step 2: Register with your details.
  5. Step 3: Just the following details are needed to register.
  6. Step 4: After login, On the home page, click LPG.

How can I get Indane gas connection?

Process for SAHAJ Indane New Gas Connection Online

  1. The customer registers for a new LPG gas connection by completing the online KYC form and uploading the supporting proof of address & proof of income documents.
  2. Indane Gas will make and online check of inter company dedupe of KYC documents.

How much does a new gas connection cost?

Indane New Connection Tariff Table:

New Gas Connection Tariff Price (Incl.GST)
Security deposit for a 19 kg cylinder Rs.1,700
Lot Valve security deposit Rs.1,500
Security deposit for a 19 kg cylinder with a LOT valve Rs.3,200
Security deposit for a 47.5 kg cylinder Rs.4,300

Can I transfer my Indane gas connection online?

How to Change Indane Gas LPG distributor Online? Under this scheme, you can transfer LPG connection online to your preferred distributor which is having common area of operation/market.

What is the cost of indane gas connection in Bangalore?

What is the cost of new gas connection?

Natural Gas Connection & Disconnection Fees

State Distribution Network Connection/Disconnection Fee
NSW Australian Gas Networks $51.98
Central Ranges Tamworth $100.27
QLD Australian Gas Networks $75
APT Allgas $112.65

What is the cost of new gas connection in Bangalore?

5 KG FTL Cylinders Price: March -16

CITY Bangalore Kochi
Total cost of a New Connection Rs.1601.75 Rs.1590.13
Cost of Refill Rs.294 Rs.282.38
Delivery Charges Rs.25.00 Rs.25.00
Total Refill Cost Rs.319 Rs.307.38

What are the documents required for Indane gas transfer?

Documents Required:

  • Proof of identity.
  • Proof of address.
  • Gas book.
  • Gas regulator.
  • Gas connection voucher (the two page document received when you received your gas connection)
  • Letter requesting transfer (mention customer number, current address and the address of the gas agency you will be transferring the connection to)

How can I transfer my father to indane gas to son?

Indane Gas Transfer to Family Member

  1. KYC of the transferee i.e. the son.
  2. The transferee has to also submit the identity and address proof documents.
  3. The transferee has to provide the SV voucher in his name.
  4. A declaration from the transferee stating the transfer of the connection.

How can I check the status of my Indane Gas?

You can check your Indane gas booking status through IVRS, SMS, online, or even through the mobile app. In order to keep yourself updated on the status of your online refill booking, cylinder booking or new gas connection for Indane Gas, you must follow these steps:

How to register for Indane Gas LPG connection?

To register for an Indane gas LPG connection online, visit this link . The distributor. There is an option to locate your distributor. From 1 May 2015, LPG gas connection can be availed and issued to the customer online.

Which is the unique phone number for Indane Gas?

For instance, if the Indane distributors (in Delhi) phone number is 26403829 and your unique customer number is QX00278C, SMS must be sent as follows: IOC 1126403829 QX00278C. For subsequent bookings, send SMS IOC to the given number. After you register your mobile number, you can use the same registration details for further bookings.

How to keep updated on INDANE gas refill booking?

In order to keep yourself updated on the status of your online refill booking, cylinder booking or new gas connection for Indane Gas, you must follow these steps: Log on to the official website of Indane Gas at Use your login credentials and access your private account on the site.