Does TASSIMO have refillable cups?

Does TASSIMO have refillable cups?

The My-Cap Reusable Disk for Tassimo T-Disc brewers allows you to fill your own Disc. Fill them with your favorite coffee and reuse them many times before they have to be thrown out. This lowers the cost to brew each cup and also gives you better brews each time. Coffee particles are present on the product.

Can you use the TASSIMO cleaning disc for hot water?

Fortunately it is easy to use your TASSIMO machine as a hot water dispenser. All you need to do is use the service disc which comes with each TASSIMO machine and is usually stored in a slot which is accessible when the water tank is removed.

How do you reuse TASSIMO discs?

Refill Tassimo pods step by step

  1. First, remove the cap or cover of the T-Disc pod.
  2. Cut the barcode with the knife.
  3. Clean and wash the pod very well.
  4. Put the ground coffee you like into the pod.
  5. Now use the aluminium foil to cover your pod and make a new cover.
  6. Now stick the barcode that you cut out and saved in step 2.

Can you run water through TASSIMO?

Make sure the tank is at least half full. Fill it up with water and then set it back in place. If you prefer, you can just use a cup or other container to fill the tank while it’s still in the machine.

Is Tassimo discontinued?

According to the below tweet from Tassimo Canada, it would appear that they have discontinued sales of Tassimo machines in Canada. So there you have it, Tassimo have pulled the plug in Canada, following poor sales. Fortunately, they are still going strong everywhere else.

What is the yellow disc on TASSIMO?

Tassimo T-disk
The Yellow Tassimo T-disk is needed to run the maintenance cycles of certain Tassimo machines. The T-disk has a barcode which communicates with the Tassimo machine. Step 1.

Can you use Aldi coffee pods in Tassimo?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a compatible Tassimo pod, you can only buy official T Discs from your supermarket or online. This may come as a surprise for people who have used other brand pod coffee makers and gotten used to buying compatible pods cheap from the likes of Aldi and Lidl.

Why do I only get half a cup of coffee from my TASSIMO?

Tassimo not brewing full cup / Tassimo only makes half cup This could be caused by too much limescale and thus you need to follow the steps above to descale your coffee machine. A good way to spot this, other than the red light, is when you see that the overflow which is behind the splash back is leaking.