Does Remington still make a pump action rifle?

Does Remington still make a pump action rifle?

REMINGTON PUMP-ACTION RIFLES Its outstanding speed, accuracy and shotgun-like pointability have made it the go-to pump-action rifle American hunters have trusted since 1981. 1 Models with 4 Caliber offerings.

Are there any pump action rifles?

Pumping Lead Today. Italian manufacturer Davide Pedersoli currently builds Colt Lightning replicas in several calibers and barrel lengths. The only other centerfire pump rifles being made today are the Remington 7600 and an interesting AR variation made by Troy Industries.

Are pump action rifles reliable?

From the right company, such as Remington, pump action rifles are very accurate, and with a scope can be even more so. Pumps are known to be reliable, rarely to never jamming, and when they do, it’s usually traced to the cartridge.

What year did they stop making Remington 760?

Remington Model 760
Produced 1951–1981
No. built 1.03 million
Variants see variants

What is pump-action rifle used for?

A pump-action or slide-action firearm is one in which a forend can be moved forward and backward in order to eject a spent round of ammunition and to chamber a fresh one.

How accurate is the Remington 7600?

Although you might not want to take this gun on your next western hunt in vast open country, it is very accurate in those short to mid ranges. The Remington 7600 is more than capable of shooting accurately out to 200 yards with a scope.

What is the purpose of a pump-action rifle?

Modern pump-action designs are a little slower than a semi-automatic shotgun, but the pump-action offers greater flexibility in selection of shotshells, allowing the shooter to mix different types of loads and for using low-power or specialty loads.

What’s the name of the Remington pump action rifle?

The .30-06 Springfield, .270 Winchester and the then popular .300 Savage were all chambered in the M-760. And it endures today in many disparate variations. The old M-141 is still a pleasant companion in the fi eld, and the .30 Remington mimics the ballistics of the famous .30-30 Winchester.

When did the Remington 760 pump action come out?

Remington has offered centerfire pump (or slide) action rifles since 1912. Their current line of pump action rifles for high intensity cartridges dates back to the Model 760 of 1952. The 760 is based on a front locking, rotary locking bolt operated by dual action bars. They have a streamlined, forged steel receiver, two piece stock.

Is the Remington 30-06 gamemaster in good condition?

Grade: A (Rare for a 33+ year old rifle) This Rifle is in the best condition I’ve ever seen, absolutely beautiful. No Scratches, marks or worn bluing. Rifle and Scope are dialed in and ready to go. Action: Pump, Caliber: 30-06.

When did the Remington Model 14 pump action come out?

The rifle, which replaced the John Pedersen-designed Remington Model 14 pump in Big Green’s catalog in 1952, has the same styling as the company’s 870 and 11-48/1100 series shotguns, which makes it an easy learning curve for wingshooters who already have experience with the type.