Can you still get the legendary cloak in BFA?

Can you still get the legendary cloak in BFA?

To obtain the legendary cloak, you will just have to complete the Patch 8.3 questline, which takes you through the process of unlocking all of the new systems, including Assaults, Visions, and Horrific Visions.

How do you get to Ordos Timeless Isle?

To get to the area where Ordos is just go to the part of the bridge on the Timeless isle that is broken. As long as you have the legendary cloak on one of your characters you will be pulled across. Stack on other players unless you have Burning Soul- then run out of the group. Upon his death, be sure to leave quickly.

Where do I start the legendary cloak Questline mop?

Timeless Isle
Meet Wrathion upstairs on the second floor of the Tavern in the Mists in The Veiled Stair. Travel to the Timeless Isle southeast of the Jade Forest and speak with Wrathion. Collect 5000 on the Timeless Isle. You can farm the 5000 befor you get the quest and turn them in immediately.

How do I start the legendary cloak quest in Pandaria?

The 5.4 questline starts when Wrathion sends you to the Timeless Isle in A Timeless Discovery. Once there, you must collect 5000 for Secrets of the Timeless Isle. This should go pretty quickly as killing rares can drop several hundred coins.

Can you still do Timeless Isle?

Flying isn’t the only option to get to Timeless Isle, though. If you have a mount that can walk on water such as the Azure Water Strider you can reach the Timeless Isle this way. Once you’re there you can pick up the flight path to the island which will allow you to return via any flight master in Pandaria.

Will legendary cloak be in Shadowlands?

The Corrupted Items system is going away in the Shadowlands pre-patch, but Azerite Powers, Essences, and the Legendary Cloak will continue to work, but only until you enter the Shadowlands. Draconic Empowerment) will not work.

Can you skip the legendary cloak Questline?

The 8.3 Cloak Quest Line, with All the Skips and Shortcuts. Your first character through this quest line has to finish the entire story, with no skips possible.

How do you start the mop Questline?

Once you are level 85 and have the Mists of Pandaria expansion, you’ll get the King’s Command quest as soon as you enter Stormwind. If your quest log is full, remove a quest and talk to King Varian Wrynn in Stormwind Keep, or check one of the Hero’s Call Boards in the city. Talk to Rell Nightwind to accept The Mission.

How long does it take to get legendary cloak?

How to Obtain the Legendary Cloak. Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve is obtained during the Intro Questline to Patch 8.3. This quest line takes about 90 minutes to complete and near the end, you’ll be awarded Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve!

Where to find Ordos in the Timeless Isle?

One of the unique quirks of the Timeless Isle, introduced in patch 5.4, was the means in which players accessed Ordos, Fire-God of the Yaungol and the world boss located at the highest heights of the Isle.

Do you need a mount on Timeless Isle?

Yes, but this is incredibly slow. Taking a mount across is much faster. As said above, you really only need to fly up overhead and glide in, No need for anyone else. As a mage you can Slow fall to anyplace you like or you can purchase kites and glide all through the isle.

Do you need a cloak to fight Ordos?

@perculia @nite_moogle Yes, you will not need the cloak to fight Ordos in 6.0.- Jeremy Feasel (@Muffinus) September 16, 2014 Later tweets clarified that the cloak wouldn’t even be needed to get over the broken bridge — the Celestials will send everyone flying to the other side, regardless of whether they have the legendary cloak or not.