Can I salary package my car?

Can I salary package my car?

By salary packaging your car you’re able to pay for your cars finance and running costs from a combination of your pre- and post-tax salary, lowering your taxable income and therefore reducing the tax you pay.

What can I salary package advantage?

What are the Advantages of Salary Packaging?

  • It offers the employee choice to choose how they receive their income.
  • Integrates personal and financial planning; for example many financial advisers recommend salary sacrificing into superannuation as a way to reduce your tax while increasing your retirement income.

What can be included in salary packaging?

Salary packaging is when you and your employer ‘package’ your salary into income and benefits. It’s also known as salary sacrifice….Fringe benefits can include:

  • salary sacrifice for a car.
  • health insurance.
  • loans (usually for a car)
  • school fees.
  • childcare fees.
  • other personal expenses.

Is salary packaging really worth it?

While salary sacrificing can work for some people, it won’t be worth it for others. Salary sacrificing is usually most effective for middle to high-income earners, while there are little to no tax savings for people who are already in a low tax bracket.

How much is a company car worth in a salary package?

The IRS figures that to be the realistic cost of operating an automobile. So, a company vehicle should be worth about (15,098 miles x $0.54/mile) = $8,152.92 per year.

What are the disadvantages of a salary?


  • Many salaried employees are not eligible for overtime pay, no matter how many extra hours they may work.
  • Many salaried workers are on-call every day, all week.
  • Miss benchmarks and you lose bonuses.
  • As the senior hourly employee, you had protection from layoffs.

What is the difference between salary sacrifice and salary packaging?

Salary packaging vs salary sacrifice There’s no difference. Salary packaging and salary sacrifice are the same things. It’s a convenient way of using your pre-tax salary or wages as payment for a range of benefits of similar value. Common benefits include cars and additional superannuation payments.

How does salary packaging affect tax return?

Hence, your salary packaging money is never subject to income tax. As a result, they are NOT included in any Government income ‘tests’. Non-reportable payments include car parking and remote area housing related benefits. The Reportable Fringe Benefits Amount must be included in your Tax Return (refer IT1).

Is it worth buying a car through company?

The major benefit to purchasing a car is that it becomes a company asset that offers a number of perks for business owners: Your interest payments on a car loan and depreciation costs are tax deductible. You may enjoy lower insurance and liability rates on a vehicle owned by your business.

How can I take advantage of salary packaging?

We can help you understand the salary packaging benefits available to you, how they work and how much you can save. Then we work with your employer to set up your salary packaging so that on pay day, it all works seamlessly. Even if you have a HELP/HECS debt you could benefit from salary packaging. Download the fact sheet to find out more.

What are the benefits of working at Austin Health?

Austin hospital is conveniently located a short walk from the Burgundy Street shopping strip. Here you will find cafes, banks, a supermarket and much more. Austin Health provides excellent car parking facilities for its employees. Fees may be deducted from salary and can be salary packaged so as to reduce the real cost of parking.

What is the phone number for salary packaging?

If you are interested in Salary Packaging and do not have a login, please call 03 9496 4141.

How does the Queensland government salary packaging agreement work?

The Employer offers the Employee the option to participate in Salary Packaging Agreements. The Queensland Government has appointed Bureau Service Providers to provide salary packaging services for Queensland Government agencies and statutory authorities through the Standing Offer Arrangement.