Can Goku beat Cronus?

Can Goku beat Cronus?

Absolute Strength: As the Former Omni-King of the 3rd Multiverse, Cronus possessed incredible levels of strength that surpasses even all the gods from his multiverse, with the exception of the Omni-Kings. However, Cronus can still be destroyed by Goku and the Omni-Kings.

Can comic Hulk beat Goku?

Marvel’s equivalent to Superman is a little bit different. Bruce Banner was a pretty strong hero when turned angry, but the Hulk is so much more than a monster who can punch really hard. On a regular basis, he might not be able to beat Goku, but when his rage turns him into Worldbreaker Hulk, things might turn his way.

Who is strongest Gold Saint?

The strongest Gold Saint is Gemini Saga.

Can you play Goku vs Seiya on YouTube?

To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: sImauDmNcGClBI0p)

Which is more powerful Goku or Pegasus Seiya?

Beerus was stated to be powerful enough to destroy a galaxy+ area and Whis does have the ability to rewind time itself so that could help in a fight. But I must admit Seiya is OP as hell we need more feats from the DBZ Gods to make a stronger case lol. If Seiya truly is universal then I concede against that level of power.

Is it fair for Goku to defeat a saint?

Goku loses, you can’t do the same technique to a saint. ……. @micah: Nope. If this was 7th sense Seiya then this would be fair, but we’re using God Cloth Seiya, who’s multi-galaxy, to potentially universal (he did crack Hades’ armour). The funny thing is I’m not even joking… Gold Cloth Seiya alone was multi galaxy level.

What did Goku say about Vegito in the movie?

@sneakierpete: pretty sure Vegito was never mention in the movie, only Gogeta could not beat Beerus. Goku said him and Vegeta fused, which is Gogeta. They could only fuse as Vegito that one time with the earrings, and the earrings were destroyed, so they meant as Gogeta.