Are Honda VTX 1300 Good bikes?

Are Honda VTX 1300 Good bikes?

For performance, it is adequate. It is less powerful than the old KZ 1000 I had, but a lot of bikes are. The VTX 1300 will not win many drag races but it is a torquey motor and has plenty of get up and go. All in all this is a sexy looking bike with nice power and Honda reliability.

What is the top speed of a Honda VTX 1300?

2006 Honda VTX1300R

  • 2006 Honda VTX1300R.
  • 2006-
  • Make: Honda.
  • Model: VTX.
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 75@0.
  • Displacement: 1312 L.
  • Top Speed: 115 mph.
  • Price: 9,599.

How many miles to the gallon does a Honda VTX 1300 GET?

You should be able to expect anywhere from 35 – 42/43 MPG in ideal riding conditions.

How much HP does a VTX 1300 have?

Honda VTX 1300 S Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Camshaft Valvetrain Configuration
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower 74.00 HP (54.0 kW) @ 5000 RPM
Maximum torque 123.00 Nm (12.5 kgf-m or 90.7 ft.lbs) @ 3000 RPM
Engine Maximum RPM

How much does a VTX 1300 weight?

Honda VTX 1300C

Make Model Honda VTX 1300C
Trail 140 mm / 5.9 in
Wheelbase 1661 mm / 65.4 in
Seat Height 695 mm / 27.4 in
Dry Weight 290.7 kg / 641 lbs

What replaced the Honda VTX 1300?

At the time this bike was introduced the Honda VTX engine was the largest displacement production V-twin in the world, but that distinction would be short-lived as the VTX1800 was superseded in 2004 by the 2.0-liter Kawasaki Vulcan 2000….VTX1300.

2007 VTX1300R Retro model
Manufacturer Honda
Successor VT1300
Class Cruiser

What does the S stand for in Honda VTX 1300?

The VTX designations are: C = Custom – cast wheels. R = Retro – cast wheels. S = Spoked Retro – spoked wheels.

When did they stop making the Honda VTX 1300?

For 2008, the two-into-two exhaust system was redesigned to be more compact. 2009 was the final year for the VTX1300, available as type C, R and T models in new colors, but otherwise identical to the previous year.

When did the Honda VTX1300 motorcycle come out?

This bike was bought new in 2010 as a left over 2008 (saved a bunch of $). The stock seat as with most bikes was comfortable for short distance, but we went for the Mustang wide touring seat for all day comfort. This bike will go all day with her sweet spot around 80-85 mph.

Which is better a VTX1300 1300 or 1800cc?

Often ignored for the larger 1800cc version, the 1300 handles better, weighs less and provides slightly more ground clearance. Plus at only £7849 it is £2500 cheaper.

What’s the speedometer on a Honda VTX 1300c?

One of the riders found the VTX 1300C’s speedometer reading to be laughably optimistic — it was as much as 9 mph over the bike’s true speed. There no frills here though–no fuel gauge, clock or other niceties found on some comparably priced bikes.

How big is the rear fork on a Honda VTX1300C?

The 41mm fork (the 1300S for wears covers) incorporates conventional internals with 5.1 inches of travel. Covered, external dampers in the rear offer 3.7 inches of wiggle room (3.6 on the C model), and include a five-position adjustment for preload.