Are Floyd Rose Specials any good?

Are Floyd Rose Specials any good?

They’re great and probably the best for the price. If you shop around, you’ll see they’re half the price of the German (that’s like 2 for the price of one German Floyd.), and not much more than the crap from China.. very well worth the price..

What is the difference between a Floyd Rose special and original?

Both feature almost identical design elements, however, the Floyd Rose Special utilizes zinc alloy in its construction, whereas the original uses classic steel saddles and a brass sustain block.

What is special about Floyd Rose?

The Floyd Rose Special is our Authentic version of a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo system manufactured in Korea exclusively for Floyd Rose. The design specifications and high quality materials of the Special Series Floyd Rose bridge will hold up to the demands of today’s performers.

Can you replace a Floyd Rose Special?

***The string lock screws of the Floyd Rose Special are marginally shorter than on the Floyd Rose Original. It should be noted that many of these may require additional modifications to the body cavity to allow for the patented Floyd Rose base plate shape and size. …

Can you replace licensed Floyd Rose with original?

licensed to anything made by floyd rose requires no routing. Just put the parts on. I do this all the time for customers. The special and original 1000 are direct replacements I can tell you right away.

Can you change a Floyd Rose to a fixed bridge?

In order to that, you must remove the bridge and fill all the cavities with wood glue it inside but it requires extreme accuracy and it’s not really worth it. If you block your tremolo you can easily change tunings and the Floyd will not get in your way.

Can I replace a Floyd Rose 1000 with original?

The current Floyd 1000 series is OEM only and made in Korea. Other than that, it’s the exact same specs as the German made OFR. If you really want to replace it then I’d put in an OFR. You can protect the metal by waxing it or using a standard metal polish, protectant.

Are all Floyd Roses interchangeable?

The Floyd Original and Floyd Special are completely interchangeable. The Special is the cheaper import version and the original is made in Germany out of high-quality steel. There are many different Licensed By Floyd Rose bridges made by varying manufacturers using the Floyd Rose patents.