All you need to know about Earning An Aviatrix ACE Certification

All you need to know about Earning An Aviatrix ACE Certification

Cloud is the future is a thing of past now. Cloud is the present. Whether you work within the cloud environment or not but you know or you want to know what’s cloud computing is all about. This is because of cloud computing’s phenomenal growth over the years.

Contrary to popular belief, cloud computing is not a very simple thing. It involves many sub-divisions that have wide scopes of their own.

As we all know cloud has many classifications according to their services like IaaS, SaaS, PaaS as well as by deployment models like Private, Public, and Hybrid. Each of these categories is a complete technology on its own.

Cloud infrastructure is a very broad deployment involving many of the conventional and non-conventional technologies. Networking plays the most important role inside a cloud. It involves both LAN and WAN infrastructures.

When we talk about cloud network infrastructure, Aviatrix is an important name. Aviatrix offers the solution to facilitate the deployment of the multi-cloud environment with a simpler and easily manageable interface.

For those who are interested in promoting their career in the Aviatrix platform, Aviatrix offers a training program named ACE. ACE stands for Aviatrix Certified Engineer. You need to pass an exam to qualify for the ACE Certification program.

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About the Program

The Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) program is the first multi-cloud networking and security certification available to technical professionals and cloud practitioners. The ACE certification is designed for individuals who already understand basic networking concepts and prepares engineers and operations staff with the (1) working knowledge of native networking constructs in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and (2) proficiency to build use cases and multi-cloud architectures using Aviatrix software.

Why become an Aviatrix Certified Engineer?

The ACE program provides ongoing education that enables architects, engineers, and technical staff to develop advanced competency in native cloud capabilities and provides a framework for applying this knowledge to network architecture and design patterns in order to meet customer requirements.

What are the pre-requisites for the ACE-Associate course?

Knowledge of networking concepts is helpful but not a mandatory requirement.

What is the format of the exam?

The exam contains multi-choice questions and will take around 60 minutes to complete. In order to pass, a student must score at least 70%.

During the time of your exam, we will explain all necessary details to you (guidelines, platform information, exam link, logistics, etc.)

How long is my certification valid?

3 years.

Career Benefits For ACE Certified Professionals

The cloud transformation that is happening now is 10 times bigger than the mainframe to client-server transformation. In the last few years, big customers have begun to massively move into the public cloud. It’s critical for enterprise IT to understand the key role they have to play in supporting their business on this transformation journey.

Multi-cloud is a reality with enterprises looking to leverage best-of-breed services from different CSPs. Additionally, the siloed mentality of on-prem is gone, and the prime focus of enterprise IT is now more aligned than ever to helping the business be more competitive, rather than dealing with infrastructure-level issues. The more that infrastructure can be simplified and abstracted from underlying constructs, and be made repeatable across clouds, the better it is for enterprises to reap the benefits from their enterprise IT.

These are energizing times for venture IT, as the cloud endorses another way of running your undertaking arrange. This does challenge the status quo and requires ventures to come out of their consolation zone. In any case, it moreover opens entryways for gigantic career headways whereas quickening the learning prepares exponentially.

This is where it’s tremendously beneficial to pursue certifications like the Aviatrix Certified Engineer [ACE] program, which is currently the only multi-cloud network certification program in the industry. This program has several levels that provide network engineers and architects a deep understanding of AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle cloud networking, as well as the Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Networking Platform.

ACE has three levels. The Associate Level is a self-paced, online initial introduction to multi-cloud networking and overview of solving architectural and design challenges in the public cloud.

The Professional Level is a face-to-face classroom style course, with a skills test that must be passed to receive certification. This is in-person boot camp-style training, where we not only do a lot of hands-on work in terms of implementing the cloud constructs, but more importantly whiteboard several design scenarios and how to implement a reference multi-cloud network architecture through the Aviatrix platform.

Lastly, the Design Architect Level is the final and most comprehensive certification, based on an additional four days of classroom-style coursework, with a live instructor panel design defense that must be passed to receive certifications. This track focuses on knowledge and experience to lead the architectural design process and produce enterprise-class multi-cloud network designs.


For those seeking a career in Aviatrix solutions, Aviatrix Certified Engineer is a must-have certification. It can be earned with focused training and persistence required for this kind of professional certification. The right training approach can lead you to sure success in ACE exam.