5 Common Laptop Problems And Solutions – Easy Guidance

5 Common Laptop Problems And Solutions – Easy Guidance


In this 4.0 era, laptops play an essential role in the life of every person. You can use a laptop for entertaining or working purposes. Of course, because the laptop is a machine, it will encounter some problems after a time of use and cannot operate as it was first bought.

In case an issue appears on your laptop, do not worry much! With our help, you can fix it by yourself! Right below, we list the most common laptop problems and solutions for each. Let’s find the issue of your device and have it fixed immediately!

5 Common laptop problems and solutions

5 Common Laptop Problems And Solutions – Easy Guidance

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The laptop runs slowly or sluggishly.

Does your laptop operate slowly or sluggishly? Just rest assured! This is one of the most common issues that every laptop encounters.

Many factors cause this problem. Your hard drive is probably almost full of data, taking up most of the memory space, causing the machine to work hard to process them.

In this case, you should remove some applications that are of no use to you. If all the apps are necessary, you can copy them to a USB and remove those on the laptop.

Additionally, there may be some malware that damages your laptop system. However, solving this issue is just a piece of cake. All you need to do is download a specific application designed to scan and remove the virus for you. Some apps you can try are Avast Mobile Security, Free Antivirus, AVG, etc.

The laptop keeps shutting down or overheating.

Another issue of the laptop is that it keeps shutting down or overheats a lot.

Keep in mind that nothing can work over a long period continuously. If the laptop has to run all day long, it will become hotter and hotter. And when the laptop can not hold up anymore, it will shut down to cool down its system. In this case, we advise you to give the laptop a break time after a time of use. Of course, you can take advantage of this time to rest as well! Visit this site to read a laptop cooling guide.

However, if you are the type of person who needs to work with the laptop much, for example, nursing students, you can try buying a high-quality laptop with a robust cooling system. There are many powerful laptops on the market that can operate for a long time. Click here to see more!

5 Common Laptop Problems And Solutions – Easy Guidance

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On the other hand, you can also buy a cooler pad and place it under your laptop while working. The fan can create cold air to prevent your laptop from getting hot. As a result, the laptop will work longer!

The laptop battery doesn’t last long.

It is annoying when you see the notification “Low Battery” on your laptop screen, although you just charged it a few hours ago, right? Typically, two reasons are leading to this problem.

The first reason is, your battery is too old. Typically, a laptop battery can only last 4 – 5 years. After this time, you should replace it. Otherwise, it will have some charging problems. For example, the screen says that your battery is 100% charged. But in fact, it has received only 30% of the power.

Another reason is your usage and settings of the laptop. If you turn the volume and the laptop’s brightness to the highest, it will consume a lot of power.

Or if you run many heavy applications simultaneously, the laptop will use up a lot of energy as well. Thus, you should check and close down any app that you do not use. Plus, you can try to turn on the “battery saving mode” of the device. Nowadays, all the modern mobile computers have this feature!

The laptop only displays a black screen.

Your laptop is working correctly, but you can see nothing on the screen except a black color. Why is that so?

Probably, there may be some connection issues that prevent the battery from delivering power to the screen. Thus, you can try taking the battery out, use a dry towel to clean both the battery and the plug-port.

After that, install the battery back on the laptop and turn it on. If the screen is bright again, then you have fixed the problem!

Otherwise, your screen may be broken down. So you can either go to the repair shop or buy another new screen to replace it.

The laptop is noisy while operating.

Does the noise coming from a laptop always give you headaches and interfere with work? Then, it is advisable to fix the issue once and for all.

Typically, the laptop will make noise if it is overdriving. You should check if there is any heavy app running. In case there is, then you should close it down. Also, give the laptop about 10 minutes to rest and cool down.

Unfortunately, you have already done that but could not fix the issue? Then our last advice for you is, you should save all the essential files and folders, copy them to a USB. And then replace the hard drive right away!

There’s a high likelihood that the hard drive is having a big problem. And if it breaks down, your laptop will stop working, and you will lose all your data for good!


Our guidance is straightforward and easy to follow, right? From now on, whenever your laptop has an issue, you don’t have to go to the repair shop anymore. Instead, you can fix it by yourself quickly!

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