Will Viconia leave the party reputation?

Will Viconia leave the party reputation?

Recruitment. Viconia DeVir is available to recruit from Chapter One. If the party’s reputation grows too high (19+) for Viconia’s liking, or if she is removed from the party, she will depart the game permanently.

Can you change Viconia alignment?

If you keep her through ToB, in her ending, she can actually team up with Drizzit and seemingly change her alignment (if memory serves, by romancing her, you actually CAN change her alignment).

Can you romance Viconia in bg1?

Viconia will start a romance with the main character if he always exhibits strength and eschews all semblance of weakness or pity. Begin a new game and create a human male character of any class and alignment. Play through the opening dungeon of the game and then go to the Government District in the city of Athkatla.

Where do Khalid and jaheira go?

Also, in some cases, you you remove a certain NPC from your party several times they live for good. Khalid & Jaheira stay where you kick ’em out. As far as I know, they can be removed and picked up again as many times as you wish. The same goes for Edwin, Imoen, Minsc.

Is Viconia a good companion?

Viconia is just excellent in magic user battles…Especially after getting her MR to 100%+. An excellent npc cleric to take all the way end game. I never had a problem with her as long her strengths are understood and not misused. It all comes down to how you use your cleric.

Does Baldur’s Gate 2 have romance?

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. This game first introduced romances to the series. There are three options for male protagonists and one option for female protagonists. All of these romances are for the opposite sex only and all come with racial restrictions.

Why is Viconia evil?

Viconia is considered evil by BG because she chose the murder people when she was mistreated. That’s ironic considering the number of people YOU kill in the game.

Does baldurs gate 2 have romance?

Can you romance people in Baldur’s Gate?

When can you romance you companions in Baldur’s Gate 3? You can technically romance your companions the moment you meet and recruit them. In the camp you can get to know more about them, and doing so improves your chances at romance. That said, the only companion that is remotely flirty in any way is Astarion.

Where do companions go when dismissed baldurs gate?

Some will stay where you dismissed them, some will go to a tavern and stay there and some will go their own way (aka lost forever).. it really depends on the NPC. I think all the new NPCs go to the Friendly Arm Inn to mimic BG2 behavior. Dorn and Neera return to the Friendly Arm Inn.

What happens when you remove a party member Baldur’s Gate?

If you remove Kivan, he stays gone for good. If you remove Shar-Teel, she stays gone for good. If you say ‘No’ to Jaheira and Khalid the first time, you can never get them again. Furthermore, if you kick out one of them, the other goes as well.

Does Baldur’s Gate 3 have romance?

If you’re in the mood and trying to create a relationship with your companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re in the right place. Developer Larian Studios has already confirmed that you can have a relationship with every companion so far.

What happens if you drop Viconia in Baldur’s gate?

Your party’s reputation will drop by 2 points simply for traveling with a Drow Elf. If Viconia is dropped, the party gets the 2 reputation points back, which is bad news if you’re traveling with other Evil companions and your reputation goes from 17 to 19… If dropped: Goes to the Graveyard District.

How did Viconia get into fight with Valygar?

Viconia may get into a fight with Valygar if you speak to the “lady” Oriana in the Government District. She hits on Valygar who rejects her, and when Viconia questions his manhood, they both leave the party and fight to the death.

What does the Black Pit icon on Baldur’s gate mean?

This icon indicates content from the Siege of Dragonspear campaign of the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. This icon indicates content from all games of the 2 nd Baldur’s Gate instalment – all editions and expansions. This may include The Black Pits II. .

Where to find Viconia in throne of Bhaal?

Alignment: Neutral Evil (can be changed to True Neutral in Throne of Bhaal if you romance her and pick the right dialog options) How to find: Go to the Government District. At 6 in the western part of the district, next to the prison, a group of fanatics is preparing to burn Viconia at the stake because she is a Drow.