Why was Axanar sued?

Why was Axanar sued?

Axanar Productions have released a statement: “This morning, I was greeted with news that our production company, Axanar Productions and I, personally, am being sued by CBS Studios, Inc. and Paramount Pictures Corporation for copyright infringement of Star Trek.

Is Axanar Cancelled?

This is an amicable parting of the ways. Axanar will still proceed, and we are happy to say that Soval’s lines in the final segments will be given to Sarek, who is a character in the full Axanar script. We already have an amazing actor for that role, and we are sure fans will love the final product.

Will Axanar ever be made?

That’s why the first guideline says “No ongoing series or seasons.” Axanar was always a one-off feature length film. Renegades, however, had recently announced they were planning to do 12 half-hour Star Trek webisodes per year (each year would be a “season,” they said), and CBS just couldn’t allow that…

What happened to prelude to Axanar?

In July 2020 a screen shot of actor Gary Graham’s social media page showed his announcement that he had left the project. The following month co-writer and director Paul Jenkins announced through his production company that his association with Axanar had ended.

What happened to Star Trek New Voyages?

Production on New Voyages was halted in response, with three episodes in various states of production left unfinished. Following this, the sets for New Voyages were licensed by CBS to serve as the Star Trek: Original Series Set Tour.

Who plays Kern Deep Space Nine?

Tony Todd
Tony Todd (born 4 December 1954; age 66) is the actor who portrayed Worf’s brother Kurn in four episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and the video games Star Trek: The Next Generation – Klingon Honor Guard and Star Trek Online.

Where is Axanar?

Not long after, production of Axanar moved from California to Georgia, where it will now take place. According to 11Alive, “Scenes will be filmed at Ares Studios […] in Lawrenceville.”

Did Tony Todd play a hirogen?

Tony Todd is an American actor who played Kurn, son of Mogh in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He also reprised his role as Kurn in Star Trek: Klingon and Kurn/Rodek in Star Trek: Online. He also played a Hirogen Alpha in Star Trek: Voyager Season 4 Episode 16.

Is Tony Todd in infidel?

Todd (Candyman) and Savante (Infidel) play opposing forces in the town. Producers are Stelio Savante and Starla Christian. The film is the passion project of writer-director-executive producer Andy Stapp, and was shot on location throughout Texas.

Is Star Trek Horizon canon?

Well written, well made with nice CGIs, the sets and equipment are also quality and canon. Overall quality is very good. Some negative aspects; poor acting in some scenes, excessive soft blurring of backgrounds and too much lens flare. Bottom-line: worth the watch even if you are not a Star Trek fan.