Why is Thurmond West Virginia abandoned?

Why is Thurmond West Virginia abandoned?

A combination of factors emptied Thurmond. In the 1930s, the Great Depression killed one bank and caused the other to move. Thurmond’s rail yard was built to handle steam locomotives, and that facility withered as trains switched to diesel. Key buildings, including the hotels, were destroyed in fires and never rebuilt.

What happened to Thurman West Virginia?

The Thurmond Depot was restored as a visitor center by the National Park Service in 1995.

Who lives in Thurmond WV?

Thurmond’s five residents are Mayor Melanie Dragan, a 73-year-old Thurmond native. Then there’s her daughter, Missie, who is on the city council. Missy’s husband, Chad McKeon, is the town recorder. Cindy Dragan, who is Melanie’s sister-in-law and Missy’s aunt, also stayed in Thurmond.

Who owns Thurmond West Virginia?

the National Park Service
The population was five at the 2010 census. During the heyday of coal mining in the New River Gorge, Thurmond was a prosperous town with a number of businesses and facilities for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. Most of Thurmond is owned by the National Park Service for the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve.

Is Thurmond WV abandoned?

The National Park had this listed on their New River Gorge map as a spot to check out. Thurmond is an old mining town that is now a ghost town. A few residents still live in Thurmond (only 4 according to the internet). You can park and see the few buildings of a once active coal mining town.

Are there any abandoned towns in West Virginia?

The Abandoned Small Town Of Kaymoor In West Virginia Is Eerily Beautiful. Kaymoor, also called Kay Moor, West Virginia was a coal camp that operated from 1899 to 1962. The town was actually built in two sections, Kaymoor Top and Kaymoor Bottom.

What is the oldest town in West Virginia?

Shepherdstown is the oldest town in West Virginia. The first settlement was recorded in 1730. Thomas Shepherd obtained a land grant in 1734 and was soon followed by other settlers. The town was originally named Mecklenburg in 1762, but then later changed to Shepherdstown in honor of its founder.

Which city is known as ghost town?

Some examples are Bannack in the United States, Barkerville in Canada, Craco in Italy, Agdam in Azerbaijan, Kolmanskop in Namibia, Pripyat in Ukraine, and Dhanushkodi in India. The town of Plymouth on the Caribbean island of Montserrat is a ghost town that is the de jure capital of Montserrat.

Is Silent Hill West Virginia real?

Silent Hill, West Virginia is based on the real town Centralia, Pennsylvania, while the game’s version in Maine is unrelated to Centralia.