Why is there red tape on my mailbox?

Why is there red tape on my mailbox?

Residents are expressing concern about who put it there and why. “Some think it is to mark mailboxes and if the tape doesn’t get removed then it indicates no one is home and your house gets robbed. Investigation has revealed that a local delivery person was using the tape as a method of organizing deliveries.

What is a MBE location?

MBE is a network of retail centers offering pack and ship, logistics, communications and marketing services to business and private customers. On December 31, 2016, MBE Worldwide had almost 1,600 locations in 30 countries, with aggregated sales of 427 million euros in 2016.

How do you label a mailbox?

The box or house number on a mailbox must be represented in numbers that are at least 1 inch tall. Numbers must be positioned visibly on the front or flag side of the box. Mailboxes must be placed 6 to 8 inches away from the curb; the incoming mail slot or door must be 41 to 45 inches from the ground.

Can you put stickers on your mailbox?

It’s OK to put a sticker on a post or pole — but not directly on the mailbox, Roy says. Cole says that If anyone wants help in removing a sticker the newspaper will oblige.

What does a white dot on your mailbox mean?

According to the Home Delivery Manager at the Post and Courier, the dots are reflective and help newspaper carriers identify who receives a paper overnight. For example, a blue dot indicates a Wednesday/Sunday subscription. A white dot denotes a home that should receive both a Post and Courier and a WSJ.

How do I get an MBE?

The MBE is awarded to individuals who have provided long-term, significant service to the community, or who have been responsible for significant community impact. Recipients will be those who stand out as a positive example to others.

Does Mailboxes Etc still exist?

In 2012, Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. became The UPS Store, Inc. The centers remain locally owned and operated, and continue to offer a variety of packing, shipping, freight, postal, printing and business services, with convenient locations and world-class service.

What does orange sticker on mailbox mean?

Postal Workers to Use Paw Print Mailbox Stickers to Identify Homes with Dogs. A yellow sticker indicates a dog resides at the next delivery address. An orange sticker means a dog resides at that address.

What color should a mailbox be?

The mailbox may be any color. The carrier signal flag can be any color except any shade of green, brown, white, yellow or blue. The preferred flag color is fluorescent orange.