Why is my Yoyo Loach hiding?

Why is my Yoyo Loach hiding?

If they are kept with an overly aggressive species fish, they quickly begin to spend much of their time in hiding. Some have been known to even go into permanent hiding and ignore food – which generally does not bode well for the health of the yoyo loach.

Do Yoyo loaches bury themselves?

They are definitely burrowers/hiders, particularly if you only bought one. They are shoaling/schooling species, so you really should have at least five in your tank.

How can you tell a male from a female Loach?

Males exhibit redness around barbels and mouth. The Yoyo Loach Botia almorhae is a very pretty fish. Once these fish are injected, the sexual difference is detected by observing the fat ones are females.

Are Pakistani loaches aggressive?

They may seem aggressive with members of their own species and other loaches, but this is usually the means of establishing a hierarchy. Their colors will actually “grey out” during conflicts, but it is nothing to be concerned with. Temperament: Peaceful – They are peace but a bit boisterous.

Can you keep one Yoyo Loach?

Despite what the store have said, keeping one alone is simply cruel, and in Yoyos does often lead to aggression problems as the fish mature. A group of at least 3 is needed, but 5 will be better. Have a read here of their general requirements: http://www.loaches.com/articles/an-intr …

Do loaches hide in sand?

Re: Clown always buried in sand If a clown loach finds a nice and cozy hiding spot, they might stay there out of fear of losing that hiding spot. Best thing you can do is add a bunch more caves, pipes, shelters, so that there isn’t any competition for hiding spots. Just try to make them as comfortable as possible.

Are loaches good pets?

Loaches are a fun addition to any tropical freshwater aquarium. Generally, they are peaceful scavengers that spend their time rooting about for tidbits of food on the bottom. Many Loach species actually prefer to be kept in schools, and some species will literally pine away with loneliness if kept alone.

Do Yoyo loaches play dead?

When excited its coloration can fade out, and it is not unusual for this species to play dead, much like its cousin the clown loach. The yoyo loach also makes a clicking sound when feeding on the surface.

Will loaches eat baby fish?

Loaches are opportunistic, while they don’t typically hunt other fish if they see an opportunity to eat a smaller fish they will. Some of the more aggressive Botiine loaches will sometimes go after smaller fish. I would move the endlers to another tank or they likely will slowly disappear.

Why do Yoyo loaches change Colour?

Your Yo-yo’s are ‘greying out. ‘ This is a fairly common occurence with many Botiine species, and usually happens when the fish are sorting out a pecking order, or when they are having territorial disputes.

Do loaches jump?

They they would swim back to the PH and jump into the flow again. Sure looked like they were having fun! As for ‘fish overboard’, I did have a Dojo Loach jump out of a tank.