Why is Aria the main character?

Why is Aria the main character?

Fans remember when Aria discovers that her dad, Byron, is having an affair with Meredith. Byron’s decision to cheat plays a large part in the first season of the show, and this makes Aria seem like the main character since her family life is much juicier and more entertaining to watch than her friends’.

What happens to Aria in Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists revealed what Aria and Ezra are doing now, and their love story remains as touching and perfect as ever. In exciting news for Ezria fans everywhere, it turns out that after getting married in the series finale, Aria and Ezra (Ian Harding) are now new parents.

Was Aria supposed to be a in pretty little liars?

Spoiler alert: She wasn’t. The identity of “A” was one of the major secrets of the show, though any PLL fan could tell you there were plenty to be had. …

Who ends up with Aria in Pretty Little Liars?

The official endgame couples are: Hanna Marin is married to Caleb Rivers. Aria Montgomery is married to Ezra Fitz. Emily Fields was engaged to Alison DiLaurentis in the finale.

Why was Alex Drake obsessed with Aria?

Alex clearly respects loyalty. It what drew her to the liars. Aria’s loyalty to Ezra and even the girls (despite it being broken for a few episodes, she did have limits and showed remorse.) attracted Alex to her, and Alex who probably chose Aria just because of Team Sparia found someone she really liked.

Why did the liars forgive Aria?

Alex created Liar’s Lament to find out who murdered Charlotte. Eventually it became about more than revenge though. She was jealous of Spencer’s life. When she saw Hanna forgive Mona for playing the game again, and when she saw all the Liars forgive Aria for joining the AD team, she decided she wanted to be Spencer.

Does Aria and Ezra have baby?

After the second episode it was revealed that Aria and Ezra adopted a baby girl who they named Katherine Ella. It was also revealed that Aria’s first book will turn into a movie which will feature Reese Witherspoon.

Is Alison really dead on Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars is a series of books which revolves around the lives of four teenagers in Rosewood, Pennsylvania whom each struggle with different physical and psychological issues, as well as living in danger because of a dangerous stalker who emerges after the four’s best friend and leader Alison DiLaurentis vanishes and is found dead.

Does Alison die on Pretty Little Liars?

At least in the books, Alison didn’t die. Courtney, her twin sister died after being suffocated and put in the hole in the ground. The real Alison came back to get back at the girls. According to the evidence she was hit in the head with a shovel and supposedly she was buried alive. Actually she was murdered cause they found the body.

What happened to Alison in Pretty Little Liars?

Alison aka ali, during the start was shown to be one of the liars and soon she disapperared and was proclaimed dead, and soon the liars were being haunted by a unknown person A . The haunt continues and different characters became A at different times and during Season 4 finale she revealed that she faked her death.

What is Alison’s last name in Pretty Little Liars?

Alison “Ali” Lauren DiLaurentis is a main character in the television series Pretty Little Liars and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform . She is portrayed by Sasha Pieterse .