Why did you choose a career in desktop support?

Why did you choose a career in desktop support?

A career in IT/Desktop support offers a lot of opportunity and benefits. It gives you an easier window into almost any tech industry. It also provides a good medium for improving your technical skills. If you love computers, network systems and working with people, IT support may be a great way to launch your career.

What is the role of desktop support?

What is a Desktop Support Specialist? A Desktop Support Specialist is generally hired by a company to oversee and maintain their computer hardware and software systems. Their skills assist the company in resolving technical issues concerning customer’s accounts or company software infrastructure.

How to interview for a desktop support job?

The main focus however, is on your problem-solving approach, customer service, and communication skills. If you have a desktop support or help desk job interview, here are the best 40 interview questions and answers you should use to boost your chances of getting the job. Question #1 ā€“ Why do you want to work as a desktop support specialist?

What are the best help desk interview questions?

Question #8 ā€“ Describe a situation where you had an angry client or user. Try to answer this question in a way that shows you are always patient, and willing to listen to the customer no matter how angry or unfriendly they are. The interviewer is trying to test your ability to solve problems in tough situations.

What’s the average salary for a desktop support?

If you are interested in additional educational material my channel youtube.com/cobuman has over 300 videos that you can enjoy. For Technical Questions or Comments please visit cobuman.com. Median salary for Desktop Support is $45,454.00 US Dollars*. 1.Can you tell me about yourself?

What do you need to know about desktop support?

Working in desktop support requires patience, technical savvy and excellent communication skills. When interviewing in this field, you should be able to communicate that you are adept at troubleshooting and dealing well with people.