Why did Yazoo change to Yaz?

Why did Yazoo change to Yaz?

Yaz, or Yazoo to the Brits (apparently a lawsuit forced the band to change their name for the US market due to an American rock band of the same name), consists of vocalist Alison Moyet backed by Vince Clarke on synthesizer. In the world of ’80s synth-pop Vince Clarke stands as a giant among men.

What movie has only you by Yazoo?

Major League II
Only You/Movie

What is the difference between Yaz and Yazoo?

Yazoo (known as Yaz in North America) were an English synth-pop duo from Basildon, Essex, consisting of former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke (keyboards) and Alison Moyet (vocals). The pair briefly reunited in May 2011 to play three Yazoo songs at a music festival organised by their record label.

Where is Yazoo now?

She has been based in Spain for several years, and according to her Instagram, she now works as a teacher. In 2018, she made her British TV comeback, performing her most famous song on This Morning to mark the 30th anniversary of both the TV show and track.

Who owns Yazoo milkshake?

Yazoo is a bottled milk-based flavoured drink, produced by FrieslandCampina and sold in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland….Yazoo (drink)

Type Flavoured drink
Manufacturer FrieslandCampina
Country of origin Belgium
Introduced 1960s
Flavour Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla

Is Yaz birth control safe?

Two studies conducted with funding from Bayer revealed that Yaz and Yasmin held no higher risk of blood clots than other birth control pills.

Who made the song only you?

Only You/Artists

Who wrote Only You by Yazoo?

Vince Clarke
Only You/Lyricists

What was Yazoo biggest hit?

Only You
“Only You,” is that Yazoo song that helped most people first discover the great duo of a Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke. This is one of the great songs of the early 80s. It’s definitely the band’s most popular song and most loved song among most of their fans.

Who was the female singer in Yazoo?

Alison MoyetVocals
Vince ClarkeSynthesizer

Geneviève Alison-Jane Ballard MBE (née Moyet; /ˈmɔɪ. eɪ/ MOY-ay; born 18 June 1961) is an English singer, songwriter and performer noted for her powerful bluesy contralto voice. She came to prominence as half of the duo Yazoo (also known as Yaz), but has since mainly worked as a solo artist.

How old is YAZZ now?

61 years (May 19, 1960)

Who are the members of the band Yazoo?

Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke as Yazoo, 1982. Yazoo (known as Yaz in North America for legal reasons involving Yazoo Records) were a British synthpop duo from Basildon, Essex, England, consisting of former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke (keyboards) and Alison Moyet (vocals).

What kind of song is Only you by Yazoo?

“Only You” is a synth-pop song that moves at a moderate tempo of 108 beats per minute. The song features an arpeggio chord progression, and is composed in the key of A major. When asked about the song, Moyet said: “‘Only You’ has a nursery rhyme simplicity and a lack of pretension.

What kind of music did Yazoo make in the 1980s?

Yazoo discography. This is a discography for the 1980s synthpop duo Yazoo. Their debut studio album Upstairs at Eric’s achieved platinum status both in the UK and the US. Yazoo had success during the early part of the decade with two hit studio albums and five hit singles.

When did see you by Yazoo come out?

He was about to leave the band in late 1981, and he wanted them to have a good single starting off 1982. Depeche Mode didn’t want it; instead they released “See You,” a song Martin Gore wrote when he was only 15. This song ended up on Yazoo’s debut album. This was the first song Clarke and Moyet recorded together.