Why did River Monsters get Cancelled?

Why did River Monsters get Cancelled?

The show ended because they basically found every river monster. Wade has said that when River Monsters started, he never expected the show to become so huge.

Will River Monsters come back?

After eight years, extreme angler and biologist Jeremy Wade is hanging up his fishing rod and the final season of RIVER MONSTERS will begin on Sunday, April 23 at 9PM ET/PT.

How many series of River Monsters are there?

River Monsters/Number of seasons

Did dark waters get Cancelled?

Its host returned last year with Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters, which lasted just one season and moved from Animal Planet to Discovery Channel. Now, Wade is back on yet another network with a new but thematically similar show: Discovery Channel’s Mysteries of the Deep.

How many languages can Jeremy Wade speak?

Jeremy Wade/Languages
Jeremy John Wade (born 23 March 1956) who is known for his television series River Monsters, Jungle Hooks, Mighty Rivers and Dark Waters. He is fluent in Portuguese, which he studied during the many years he spent fishing in Brazil, and also speaks French, Spanish and English.

Did Jeremy Wade know Steve Irwin?

Wade did not know the late Animal Planet star Steve Irwin, host of “The Crocodile Hunter,” who died in 2006 after an encounter with a similarly massive stingray in Australia, but says his legacy is a cautionary tale.

What is Jeremy Wade’s new show?

Mysteries of the Deep
In 2019, Wade would go on to the Animal Planet documentary series Dark Waters, which explored unexplained sightings of mythical beasts across the world. In 2020, he began a new TV series, Mysteries of the Deep, where he explores underwater mysteries, ranging from the Loch Ness Monster to the Bermuda Triangle.

Does Jeremy Wade have a new show 2021?

Unknown Waters is Jeremy Wade’s latest show. The first episode is set to be released on July 25, 2021.

Is Jeremy Wade real?

Jeremy John Wade (born 4 May 1960) is a British television presenter, an author of books on angling, a freshwater detective and a biologist. He is known for his television series River Monsters, ” Mighty Rivers”, and Dark Waters.