Why are my Firefox extensions not working?

Why are my Firefox extensions not working?

The Firefox add-ons might not work if your Firefox browser is not up to date. Moreover, incorrect date/time settings of your system or corrupt Firefox user profile (or any of its settings/files) may also cause the issue. Moreover, make sure the addons are activated in the addons menu of the Firefox browser.

How do I make Firefox extensions work incognito?

Enabling or disabling extensions in private windows Underneath the description of the extension, you will see extension settings. Next to Run in Private Windows, select Allow to enable the extension to work in private browsing or select Don’t Allow to disable it in private browsing.

How do I fix my Firefox extensions?

If an extension was causing your problem, it may have an update available that will fix it:

  1. Click the menu button , click Add-ons and Themes Add-ons and Themes Add-ons and select Extensions.
  2. Click the gear icon at the top of the Add-ons Manager Extensions panel and select Check for Updates.

How do I enable developer mode extensions in Firefox?

Installing. In Firefox: Open the about:debugging page, click “This Firefox” (in newer versions of Firefox), click “Load Temporary Add-on”, then select any file in your extension’s directory. The extension will now be installed, and will stay until you restart Firefox.

How do I restart Firefox addons disabled?

How to Start Firefox Without the Add-Ons

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox, click the “Firefox” button, click the small arrowhead next to “Help” and click “Restart with Add-Ons Disabled” in the submenu.
  2. Click the “Restart” button to confirm the action and restart Mozilla Firefox.

Does AdBlock work on private browsing?

Ad-blockers will not work in incognito mode. If you’re using Chrome, the extensions you’ve installed on the browser will not work when you go incognito.

Do Chrome extensions work on incognito?

In Chrome, your extensions as a general rule do not work in Incognito mode. Because extensions are a third-party addition to your browser, and most are tracking your browsing history for better performance, Incognito mode automatically disables them. Open Chrome > Menu > More Tools > Extensions.

What is Firefox troubleshoot mode?

Troubleshoot Mode is a special Firefox mode that can be used to diagnose and fix problems. When you start Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode, it temporarily disables add-ons (extensions and themes), turns off hardware acceleration and certain other features, and ignores some customizations (see below to learn more).

How do I debug my browser extension?

Navigate to the chrome extensions management page at chrome://extensions and ensure developer mode is on. Click the Load Unpacked button and select the broken extension directory. After the extension is loaded, it should have three buttons: Details, Remove and Errors in red letters.

How do I check Firefox extensions?

The gist of it is:

  1. Navigate to about:debugging.
  2. Click the button “Load Temporary Add-on”
  3. Use the file selection dialog to select the manifest. json file, or packaged . xpi file for the extension.