Who won worlds for Cheer 2021?

Who won worlds for Cheer 2021?

Finals Results

Rank Program Name Performance Score
1 Cheer Athletics – Plano 146.3
1 Brandon All-Stars 145.8
1 Top Gun All Stars 145.55
2 The Stingray All Stars 145.5

Who won worlds this year for cheer?

Infinity Allstars Royals
The small gym located in Jacksonville, Florida won the 2019 Cheerleading Worlds for the first time in their gym’s history. The team, Infinity Allstars Royals, won first place by a total of 12 points.

Who won Cheer Worlds 2021 level 6?

Extreme Raleigh Smoex
At CHEERSPORT Nationals, Cheer Extreme Raleigh Smoex won another title. Their routine scored 98.75 and the team is looking for another title at The Cheerleading Worlds 2021, rightfully so with one well-executed routine after another.

Is Cheerleading Worlds 2021 Virtual?

The IASF Cheerleading Worlds 2021 will be held virtually since international teams couldn’t compete at Worlds in May this year.

Who has won Cheerleading Worlds the most?

Cheer Athletics are record breakers: They have won a total of 70 National titles from the National Cheerleaders Association and have 32 medals from the USASF Worlds. The Wildcats team has won worlds International Open Coed 5 both in 2013 and 2014 and their team is known for their exceptional athleticism and fitness.

Is the Cheerleading Worlds 2021 canceled?

The Dance Worlds™ and The Cheerleading Worlds™ will be held consecutively rather than concurrently at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. USASF shed a light on the change in an announcement today and reassured cheer and dance fans that there will be no more changes to The Worlds dates.

How much did Damwon win?

In 2020, the LoL World Championship, which took place in Shanghai in China, had a prize pool of 2.34 million U.S. dollars, out of which over 562 thousand U.S. dollars went to that year’s winners – DAMWON Gaming from South Korea.