Who won Green vs Mundine?

Who won Green vs Mundine?

Danny Green
In a result that surprised many watchers, WA champ Danny Green avenged his 2006 loss to Anthony Mundine. Looking at the belt from the fight, It brings back very good memories. I never had the Australian title because I’d bypassed it earlier in my career and went for a world title in my 17th fight.

What nationality is Anthony Mundine?

Anthony Mundine/Nationality

Has Anthony Mundine won a world title?

Australia’s Anthony Mundine beat Antwun Echols of the United States to win the World Boxing Association’s vacant super-middleweight title. Mundine won a unanimous points decision after the 12-round bout went the distance.

Does Anthony Mundine have a wife?

Danielle Mundine
Anthony Mundine/Wife

Did Danny Green win an Olympic medal?

Amateur career and the Olympics Green was awarded a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sport in 1998, and won a bronze medal at the Liverpool International Boxing Tournament in the same year.

Does Danny Green have a child?

Danny Green | Quick Facts

Full name Daniel Richard Green Junior
Relationship status Engaged; Blair Bashen
Children None
Height 1.98 m (6 feet 5 inches)
Weighs 98 kg (215 lbs.)

Where are the bundjalung people from?

New South Wales
The Bundjalung people (also known as Bunjalung, Badjalang and Bandjalang) are Aboriginal Australians who are the original custodians of the northern coastal area of New South Wales (Australia), located approximately 550 kilometres (340 mi) northeast of Sydney, an area that includes the Bundjalung National Park.

What did Mundine say about 9 11?

Public controversy. In an interview in October 2001, Mundine said of the 11 September terrorist attacks, “They call it an act of terrorism, but if you can understand religion, and our way of life, it’s not about terrorism. It’s about fighting for God’s law, and America’s brought it upon themselves”.

How many times has Mundine been knocked out?

Professional boxing record

59 fights 48 wins 11 losses
By knockout 28 5
By decision 20 6

Who is Anthony Mundine’s father?

Tony Mundine
Anthony Mundine/Fathers

When is Danny Green vs Anthony Mundine rematch?

IT’S the grudge boxing rematch ten years in the making -Anthony Mundine vs Danny Green II. More than 10 years after they first fought, when Mundine claimed a unanimous decision victory, the fierce rivals will tangle again at Adelaide Oval on Friday night.

How did Anthony Mundine get knocked out in the 5th round?

Mundine was knocked out in the 5th round by Wood. Wood was able to land a flush left hook on Mundine’s chin, sending him to the canvas. The result was reported to be one of the biggest upsets in Australian boxing history.

Why did Anthony Mundine get deducted a point?

Mundine was deducted a point for the foul and replays showed Mundine clearly hit Green while the West Australian was watching the referee, prompting a wave of angry reaction from fight fans. Mundine catches Green with a cheap shot. Source:FOX SPORTS As if we can’t hate Mundine enough already.

When did Anthony Mundine win the super middleweight title?

Mundine went on to claim the vacant WBA Super Middleweight title with a unanimous points decision over Antwun Echols on 3 September 2003, in front of his home crowd at the Sydney Entertainment Centre .