Who plays in the old Freaky Friday?

Who plays in the old Freaky Friday?

Freaky Friday (1976 film)

Freaky Friday
Starring Jodie Foster Barbara Harris John Astin
Cinematography Charles F. Wheeler
Edited by Cotton Warburton
Music by Johnny Mandel

Who played the mom in the original Freaky Friday?

Harris may be best known for playing Ellen Andrews, the mother in the 1976 film “Freaky Friday” who switches bodies with her daughter Annabel (Jodie Foster). Disney remade the movie in 2003 with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis.

How old was Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday?

thirteen years old
Jodie Foster was thirteen years old during filming, the same age as her character, but she had turned fourteen by the time the movie debuted late 1976.

How old was Lindsay Lohan when filming Freaky Friday?

While filming Freaky Friday, which follows a mother and daughter who get trapped in each other’s bodies through a magical fortune cookie, Curtis, 62, and Lohan, 35, found themselves listening to Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” quite often.

Where did they film the original Freaky Friday?

The shot above is looking northwest, on Ocean Blvd, in Santa Monica. Palisades Cliffside Park runs for over a mile atop the west side of Ocean Blvd., along the coast of Santa Monica, between San Vicente Blvd (on the north) and Colorado Ave (on the south), overlooking Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean below.

Who played the dad in Freaky Friday?

Harold Gould had an ever-growing resume as an actor before playing Tess’ father. Gould, the late prolific actor, had over 200 acting credits during his time in Hollywood.

Who played the guitar solo in Freaky Friday?

Ryan Shuck coached Curtis to play the guitar solo for the concert scene. Lohan trained for one year to learn to play the guitar before production.

Who plays Stacey hinkhouse in Freaky Friday?

Julie GonzaloFreaky Friday
Stacey Hinkhouse/Played by
Julieta Susana Gonzalo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxuli ɣonˈsalo]; born September 9, 1981) is an Argentine-American actress.

Who is the father of Jodie Foster’s sons?

“Mel Gibson, you know you saved me too,” she said. Foster and Gibson sat at the same table at the ceremony, where she won a life time achievement award, along with her sons Charles, 14, and Kit, 12.

Why didnt Jodie Foster do Hannibal?

In 2005, after the film had been released, Foster told Total Film: “The official reason I didn’t do Hannibal is I was doing another movie, Flora Plum. So I get to say, in a nice dignified way, that I wasn’t available when that movie was being shot …

When did Freaky Friday come out Chris Brown?

Freaky Friday/Released

Was Freaky Friday filmed in San Diego?

Released initially in L.A. on December 17, 1976; general release on January 21, 1977. Los Angeles locations were used for the major part of the film, though the dedication at the marina was shot at San Diego’s beautiful Mission Bay.