Who played for the Braves in 1993?

Who played for the Braves in 1993?

1993 Atlanta Braves

1993 Atlanta Braves 1993 Atlanta Braves Official Logo Complete Roster
Roster Schedule Hitting Pitching Fielding Statmaster
47 Tom Glavine 190
52 Jay Howell 205
31 Greg Maddux 195

Who was the Braves shortstop in 1995?

Team Batting

Rk Pos Name
2 1B Fred McGriff*
3 2B Mark Lemke#
4 SS Jeff Blauser
5 3B Chipper Jones#

Where did Chipper Jones bat in the lineup?

Since Chipper Jones was drafted as a shortstop and has major league experience (about 80 games I believe) at the position despite being a third basemen for 14 seasons and playing parts of three seasons in left field, we’re putting him and his bat at shortstop over Maranville.

Who pitched for the Braves in 1994?

Which pitchers from the 1994 Atlanta Braves were their primary starters, closers and relievers? SP Steve Avery, SP Tom Glavine, SP Greg Maddux, SP Kent Mercker, SP John Smoltz, RP Steve Bedrosian, RP Mike Stanton, RP Mark Wohlers, CL Greg McMichael.

What were the Braves called before Atlanta?

Boston Bees
Boston BravesMilwaukee Braves
Atlanta Braves/Former names

Have the Atlanta Braves ever won the World Series?

19954-2 – Cleveland Indians
19574-3 – New York Yankees19144-0 – Philadelphia Athletics
Atlanta Braves/World Series championships

Is Chipper Jones a coach?

Braves Hall of Famer Chipper Jones is taking on a new role with the team this season. Jones is now an assistant hitting coach with the team and has already made his presence felt down at spring training. “I have a coach that I played with now.

When were the Braves in the World Series?

The crowd erupted moments after the Braves beat the Mets at Turner Field in 1999 to head to the World Series. The scene looked similar to Saturday’s celebrations.