Who played bass on Mothership Connection?

Who played bass on Mothership Connection?

In 1990, bassist Stanley Clarke and keyboardist George Duke released an album entitled “3,” which contained a cover of this song.

Is Mothership Connection A concept album?

Mothership Connection is the fourth album by American funk band Parliament, released on December 15, 1975 on Casablanca Records. This concept album of P Funk mythology is usually rated as one of Parliament’s best.

Who played on Mothership Connection?

They were essentially one band with two personalities: Funkadelic, the psychedelic, eclectic voodoo-rock outfit; and Parliament, the extraterrestrial explorers, mining the outer limits for uncut funk. With the release of Mothership Connection. Listen to Mothership Connection right now.

Who did the Funkadelic artwork?

Pedro Bell
Pedro Bell, the artist responsible for numerous Funkadelic and George Clinton album covers, has died; his work for ‘Cosmic Slop’ is pictured above. Pedro Bell, the artist responsible for numerous Funkadelic and George Clinton album covers, has died at age 69.

Who played bass on Give Up the Funk?

Ray Davis
With its anthemic sing-along chorus, it is one of the most famous P-Funk songs. It also became Parliament’s first certified million-selling single, going Gold in 1976. The bass vocal at the beginning of the song is performed by Ray Davis.

Which funk act had the visual art of Pedro Bell to define their identity?

“Bell portrayed the members of Funkadelic as ‘The Invasion Force,’ a Technicolor assortment of alien superheroes, afronauts, mutants and cosmic warriors,” Lodown magazine once wrote in an article about him.

Who got the funk we got the funk?

1, a Beatnuts hits album….We Got the Funk.

“We Got the Funk”
Songwriter(s) Lester Fernandez, Jerry Tineo
Producer(s) The Beatnuts
The Beatnuts singles chronology

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Where is the mothership now?

National Museum of African American History and Culture
The Mothership now resides in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture as part of the Musical Crossroads gallery. On Tuesday, July 21, Clinton posted a video of him on Instaqram opening an early birthday present — a miniature version of the Mothership.

What was the mothership?

“The Mothership” is the centerpiece stage prop used by Clinton and his multiple bands during their live concert performances. This object is a near-exact replica of the slightly larger Mothership that was used exclusively at the closing moments of concerts during the height of the band’s popularity from 1976-1981.