Who is the lead singer of Kalapana?

Who is the lead singer of Kalapana?

Mackey Feary
The four-man band features original lead singer Malani Bilyeu, original member D.J. Pratt, Kenji Sano and Gaylord Holomalia, both of whom joined the group in 1985. Guest vocalist Zanuck Lindsey will perform the songs originally written and sung by the late Mackey Feary.

What genre is Kalapana?


Who were the original members of Kalapana?

In 1973, Kalapana was born from the talent of David John (DJ) Pratt, Carl James Malani Bilyeu, Bryant Mackey Feary, and Kirk Thompson.

What island has black sand beaches?

island of Hawaii
Have you ever seen a beach with black sand? Because of constant volcanic activity, you’ll find white sands and black sands on the island of Hawaii. Located on the southeastern Kau coast, Punaluu Black Sand Beach is one of the most famous black sand beaches in Hawaii.

How do I get to kehena Beach?

Vacation Rentals near Kehena Beach Directions: The beach is located in the Puna district (Hilo side) off of Highway 137 near Mile Marker #19. There is a small parking lot on the side of the road. From here, walk towards the left (when facing the ocean). A narrow, steep and rocky trail leads down to the beach.

Where is the pink sand beach in Hawaii?

Kaihalulu Beach in Hana, HI, is one of only a few red sand beaches in the world. It’s part of a crumbling red cinder cone that cuts deep into Ka’uiki Head on the eastern side of the island. Here, visitors can explore a seemingly prehistoric landscape complete with ‘Iwa and Koa’e Kea.

Who are the members of the band Kalapana?

Kalapana is an American pop band from Honolulu, Hawaii. They are known for their songs “Naturally” and “The Hurt”. In 1973, childhood friends David John (DJ) Pratt and Carl James Malani Bilyeu auditioned at the Rainbow Villa for Cecilio & Kapono.

What was the impact of Kalapana on Hawaiian music?

The preceeding events and the events to follow had such an impact on the Hawaiian music scene, topping all local record charts & having Billboard magazine do a review of their work, inspiring musicians and groups then and to the present day.

When did Kalapana release their first album lava rock?

Kalapana released “Lava Rock” in 1987, and performed with Hiroshima, a Japanese-American group from southern California, and Anri, musicians from Japan; Kalapana played at the grand opening of the Hard Rock Cafe in Honolulu.

When did Kalapana perform at Waikiki Shell?

Kalapana performed a three–concert event at the Waikiki Shell during the span of June 25–27, 1976, where 25,000 people attended. In 1977, they helped select the entrants for the “Home Grown” album project. Kalapana won several Nani Awards, the predecessor to the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.