Who is Marigold in Downton Abbey?

Who is Marigold in Downton Abbey?

Karina Samms
Marigold Crawley Gregson is a child character on the series, Downton Abbey. She was played by twins Eva and Karina Samms.

What happens with Edith and marigold?

Edith reclaims her daughter and leaves in the hope that she can begin a new life and finally find happiness with Marigold. Back at Downton, Cora learns from Mrs Drewe that she has a third grandchild. They take Marigold back to Downton, where Mr Drewe meets them and briefly takes her so that the cover will work.

What happened to Edith’s boyfriend?

After some time, Edith receives word that Gregson is not only dead, but has been so for some time. According to Robert, Michael was caught up Bierkeller Putsch, and was killed by Hitler’s brownshirts. His remains were only recently found, as it had taken such a long time to restore order in the city.

Who is marigolds father?

Michael Gregson Gregson died before Edith could tell him she was pregnant. She gave birth in secret and gave her daughter, Marigold, up for adoption — only to change her mind and bring her to Downton.

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Who did Edith get pregnant by?

Edith was especially worried for his safety and expressed deep concern as to why he would not answer her calls. Some days later, she received word from Dr Clarkson that she was, in fact, pregnant with Michael’s child.

Is Marigold in Downton Abbey movie?

Marigold – Eva and Karina Samms Twins Eva and Karina play Edith’s daughter Marigold, and Hugh Bonneville shared a snap of them on the set of the Downton Abbey film. He captioned the post: “It’s Grandpa time at Donk’s crèche… with Eva & Karina Samms who play Marigold, Fifi Hart and Zac and Oliver Barker (George).”

How does Mary find out about Marigold?

6. Mary- Mary grew suspicious about Marigold when she heard a puzzling remark about the child being a family secret between Cora and Violet and she tried getting answers out of Tom and Anna but they said nothing but they knew. In the end she figured it out and forced Tom to confirm the truth with her.

Who is the actress who plays Marigold in Downton Abbey?

Marigold (Eva Karina Samms) with her loving mother, Lady Edith. Marigold Crawley Gregson is a child character on the series, Downton Abbey. She was played by twins Eva and Karina Samms. Marigold was the daughter of Lady Edith Crawley and her publisher/paramour, Michael Gregson.

Why did Drewe name Edith as Marigold’s godmother?

Drewe revealed to Edith he knew her secret but would never reveal it, and approved of Edith wanting to love her child. He decided to name Edith as Marigold’s godmother and benefactress so she could continue to see her daughter, despite the fact that Margie’s sister was named her godmother at Marigold’s christening.

What did Mary say to George in Downton Abbey?

As Mary tells George to “come to Mommy” Edith almost says the same to Marigold, but cuts short and says “me” instead. Later, Robert does reveal to Edith he knows who Marigold is, and feels that they must do the best for her, for both Edith’s and Michael’s sake, but of course to keep Marigold’s true identity within the family.

Where did Edith give Marigold to her aunt?

Edith and her aunt, Lady Rosamund Painswick went to Geneva, Switzerland, where Marigold was born. After weaning her, she gave her to a family named Schroeder in Geneva.