Who is better Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna?

Who is better Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna?

The Senna-Prost rivalry was a Formula One rivalry between Brazilian racing driver, Ayrton Senna and French racing driver, Alain Prost. Senna had 14 victories and 26 pole positions whilst Prost had 11 victories and 4 pole positions. As opponents, Senna amassed 21 victories to Prost’s 12.

Was Alain Prost friends with Senna?

“We even became friends,” Prost admitted. “He told me intimate things about his life. He was no longer the same Ayrton Senna who challenged me on the track. I remember he wanted me to take care of the drivers’ association: he called me several times a week to ask me for advice.

When did Alain Prost f1?

Prost discovered karting at the age of 14 during a family holiday. He progressed through motor sport’s junior ranks, winning the French and European Formula Three championships, before joining the McLaren Formula One team in 1980 at the age of 24.

How long was Alain Prost in f1?

In his six seasons with McLaren Alain Prost won 30 races and three driving titles and was runner-up twice. In 1985 he became the first French World Champion. In 1986 he became the first back-to-back champion since Jack Brabham 26 years earlier.

Who is number 7 F1?

Kimi Räikkönen
The reigning Formula One World Drivers’ Champion can elect to use their allocated permanent number or car number 1 during the year following their title….Formula One driver numbers.

No. 7
Driver Kimi Räikkönen
2021 team Alfa Romeo Racing
First used 2014
Last used 2021

How many laps is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton F1 Stats
Drivers’ Titles 7
Race Wins 100 (35,6%)
Pole Positions 101 (35,9%)
Fastest Laps 57 (20,3%)

Who was manager of Ayrton Senna in F1?

On this week’s episode of F1 podcast Beyond The Grid, Julian Jakobi, the former manager of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost gives us an inside look of what it takes to manage some of the big names of F1. The rivalry of Ayrton senna and Prost characterizes the game. They were the two of its most noteworthy heroes.

What did Alain Prost do with Ayrton Senna?

To name a few, we have witnessed Ayrton Senna with Prost or James Hunt vs Niki Lauda. With such a great amount of pressure and so much on the line, be it a world championship or fighting for the last points place in a race, numerous drivers have turned to grimy strategies and brain games so as to one-up their competitors.

What kind of car did Ayrton Senna drive?

Senna’s drive at Monaco in 1984 had been stupendous, as he splashed through the Principality’s sodden streets in his underpowered little Toleman, reeling in the start-of-the-art McLaren of Prost.

What was the rivalry between Prost and Senna?

Senna’s smile on his first-ever F1 podium was wan – well, he thought he’d won the race after all – and the first spark of F1’s greatest ever rivalry, it seemed, had been lit. 8. Prost outwits Senna in France – 1988