Who is Amware?

Who is Amware?

Amware is a multi-channel distribution solution, using one shared inventory to fulfill retail, wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels. Today, we ship more than 100,000 direct-to-consumer orders daily. Our multi-location warehouse network provides 1-3 day delivery nationwide.

Who uses Amware logistics?

Leading direct sales company, Immunotec, has chosen Amware to handle all U.S. product fulfillment. Immunotec develops, manufactures and markets science-based nutrition and skincare products across Canada, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

What is logistics warehouse distribution?

Warehouse logistics, therefore, encompasses all the varied, complex factors – organization, movements, and management – involved in warehousing. This includes the flow (shipping and receiving) of physical inventory, as well as that of more abstract goods, including information and time.

What is distribution warehousing?

A distribution warehouse is a specific type of warehouse designed to service goods nearing the end of the supply chain. That distributor would utilize their warehouse to store and ship those telephones to the retail outlets that will be selling them.

Whats the difference between distribution and logistics?

A key difference between logistics and distribution is that logistics relates to the overall planning and organisation around the movement, storage and inventory control of goods, whereas distribution is more related to the actual physical placement of the goods.

What’s the difference between warehouse and logistics?

Both warehousing and logistics fulfil functions within the supply chain of a business. On the one hand, warehousing focuses on the safe storage of goods within a building, whilst logistics is the functional aspect of the storage and delivery of goods stored in a warehouse.

How does a distribution warehouse work?

A distribution center works by receiving inventory from a company, which is then stored in a way to enable efficient picking and packing. After a shopper completes a purchase on an ecommerce store, inventory is picked and boxes are packed and then labeled for shipment.

What’s the difference between a distribution center and warehouse?

A warehouse is only used for storing products. In addition to storing products, a distribution center also offers value-added services such as product mixing, packaging, cross-docking, and order fulfillment. A distribution center stores goods for relatively shorter durations compared to a warehouse.

Which is the one main role of distribution logistics?

Distribution logistics is part of extra logistics and deals with the delivery of goods to the customer. A brief definition of the term: Distribution logistics ensures that manufactured goods reach the customer quickly and reliably. Customers are either final customers, distributors or processors.

Is working in a warehouse considered logistics?

Most warehouse management activities are considered a part of the logistics management system and both activities are components of the general supply chain management.

Why warehousing is required for effective logistics?

Warehousing is a very important part of the logistics management system. It provides storage for the finished goods and also includes packing and shipping of the order. Efficient warehousing provides an important economic benefit to the business as well as the customers.

How big is the amware fulfillment warehouse network?

Amware’s nationwide fulfillment warehouse network − 15 facilities across 6 major markets − allows you to reach 95% of the U.S. population in 1-to-2 days via ground services. Click on the map for details on specific facilities.

What does the amware distribution network do for You?

Amware Distribution Network. Amware provides the know-how and infrastructure to support your unlimited growth. With 15 facilities across 7 strategic markets, we give you: Speed: 1-2 day delivery to 98% of the U.S. Savings: Do fulfillment for less. Scale: Expand fulfillment capacity as you grow.

Where is the amware warehouse in Cleveland Ohio?

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Amware’s warehouses are uniquely situated within a one-day drive to over 80% of the United States. Our Complete Distribution includes front to back with sub assembly, pick pack, packaging services and more for your products!

What makes amware an eCommerce fulfillment company?

Scaled to grow as you grow. Amware’s national network of eCommerce order fulfillment centers, combined with a flexible, “however you want it” approach, gives direct-to-consumer brands the freedom to grow – without limits. HOW CAN WE HELP?