Who drove for Williams 2002?

Who drove for Williams 2002?

Teams and drivers

Entrant Constructor Driver
BMW WilliamsF1 Team Williams-BMW Ralf Schumacher
Juan Pablo Montoya
Sauber Petronas Sauber-Petronas Nick Heidfeld
Felipe Massa

Who drove for Williams f1?

Drivers for Williams have included Australia’s Alan Jones; Finland’s Keke Rosberg; Britain’s Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, David Coulthard and Jenson Button; Colombia’s Juan Pablo Montoya; France’s Alain Prost; Brazil’s Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna; Italy’s Ricardo Patrese; and Canada’s Jacques Villeneuve.

How much was Williams f1 team sold for?

On Aug. 21, Williams said it had been sold to the New York-based private investment company Dorilton Capital for reportedly about $200 million. The last of the team’s 735 race starts under family ownership took place on Sept. 6 at the Italian Grand Prix.

What does FW stand for Williams?

Frank Williams Racing Cars. Iso–Marlboro FW. Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8.

What went wrong with Williams F1?

The final problem seen in the Williams team is the dependence on the brands making the engines and the lack of independent suppliers to each team. The main suppliers of Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault (Honda only supply the Red Bull family of cars) and therefore have a dominance of the teams around them.

Why did Claire Williams leave F1?

Claire was mentally exhausted and couldn’t work for someone else. The former deputy team boss had also revealed that despite selling her team, the new owners were keen to keep her on board. However, she declined this offer. The reason she gave stated, “It was absolutely my decision and I’d like to make that clear.

What does FW mean on Snapchat?

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Who was in the car with Frank Williams?

In 1968, Williams ran Courage in Formula 2, while running an F3 car for Richard Burton, Tetsu Ikuzawa and Tony Trimmer. In 1969, Williams bought an ex-factory Brabham Formula 1 car and entered it in selected races with Courage driving. They scored two second places that year while also participating in F2 and F3.

What happened to Ginny Williams?

Ginny Williams sadly passed away in 2013 after losing her battle to cancer. “She always said she was Williams’ biggest fan. She really was. Just like the rest of our family, she cared deeply for the team,” added the Grove team’s former deputy team boss.

Who are the drivers of the Williams F1 team?

Williams F1 Team info & statistics Name Williams Country United Kingdom Season Entries 46 Total Drivers 58 First Race 1975 1975 Argentine F1 GP

What kind of car was Williams in 2002?

The Williams FW24 was the Formula One car with which the Williams team competed in the 2002 Formula One World Championship. The car was closely based on the previous year’s FW23, and powered by a development of the ultra-powerful BMW engine from 2001.

Who are the drivers of the Williams FW24?

The car was closely based on the previous year’s FW23, and powered by a development of the ultra-powerful BMW engine from 2001. It was driven by German Ralf Schumacher and Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya, in their fourth and second seasons with the team respectively.

When was the last time Williams won a F1 race?

Their last win was the Spanish Grand Prix of 2012 by Pastor Maldonado. It was the only podium and win for the driver from Venezuela of his career. But the rule changes of 2014, and the Mercedes power-unit and brought Williams back into contention. What a wonderful story it would be if they could start winning again.