Who are the stock characters in A Servant to Two Masters?

Who are the stock characters in A Servant to Two Masters?

FLORINDO ARETUSI: A young man on the run from the law as a.

  • BRIGHELLA: An innkeeper; his first job is customer service, but he can.
  • SMERALDINA: Clarice’s lady maid; she always looks out for her.
  • TRUFFALDINO: The well-meaning servant of Beatrice who is.
  • PANTALONE DE BISOGNOSI: The Father of Clarice; he holds.
  • Who is in love with Truffaldino?

    Not incidentally, Truffaldino falls in love at first sight with Clarice’s spirited maid, Smeraldina (Amanda Duffy). The cast is uniformly smooth and professional, inventively directed by Jason King Jones, who is now in his 12th season with the Shakespeare Theater.

    What is the story of a servant to two masters?

    The play tells the story of a hungry servant who, upon realizing that working for two masters could ensure him a greater supply of food, tries to do the job of two men while working desperately to conceal that fact from both employers.

    Is Pantalone the master?

    Pantalone originated as part of a master/servant duo and was the original il Magnifico stock character. Carlo Goldoni, in his memoirs, named Pantalone as one of the four primary Commedia dell’Arte characters.

    What stock character is Florindo?

    Florindo has characteristics of both the captain and the lover – stock characters. He inflates and deflates like the lover at moments of high tension and also loves the attention to be on him. He also has macho qualities and he likes to be in control which is more captain-like.

    Who is Beatrice disguised as?

    Beatrice disguises herself as Federigo (her dead brother) so that he can collect dowry money from Pantaloon (also spelled Pantalone), the father of Clarice, her brother’s betrothed. She wants to use this money to help her lover escape, and to allow them to finally wed.

    Who killed Beatrice’s brother Federigo?

    Florindo: Beatrice’s lover, Florindo is rumored to have killed Federigo in a duel in Turin.

    Who is El Capitano?

    Capitano, stock character of the Italian commedia dell’arte. He was the prototype of a pretentious but cowardly military man. One of the earliest of the commedia characters, he was a descendant of the Miles Gloriosus, the braggart soldier of ancient Roman comedy.

    Where does the servant of two masters take place?

    The play begins in the Venetian house of Pantalone, where a party is underway to celebrate the engagement of Clarice, daughter of Pantalone, to Silvio, son of Doctor Lombardi.