Who are the news casters on GMA?

Who are the news casters on GMA?

GMA National News Reporters

  • Alfonso Tomas Araullo.
  • Maria Judea Pulido-Ilagan.
  • Kara Patria David-Cancio.
  • Sandra Aguinaldo-Rodica.
  • Ivan Ramesis Mayrina.
  • Rufino Tima Jr.
  • Marie Grace Michelle Umali-Tima.
  • Raphael Cedric Castillo.

Who is Vicky Morales husband?

Alfonso Reyno IIIm. 2006
Vicky Morales/Husband

Does Arnold clavio has a wife?

Personal life. Clavio is married with three children. Clavio started the Igan Foundation, whose stated mission is to help those living in poverty and diagnostic as diabetic alopecia.

Who is the owner of GMA 7?

GMA Network
GMA Network/Parent organizations

Who is Mav Gonzales?

Maviel Gonzales, more popularly known as Mav Gonzales, graduated as class valedictorian (and with other honors) from St. James Academy in 2007. Plus, she also graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2011 as cum laude. She took up Bachelor of Arts in Communication and was a full scholar.

How old is Mariz Umali?

41 years (March 4, 1980)
Mariz Umali/Age

Who is the daughter of Kara David?

Julia Kristiana David
Kara David/Daughters

Who is Arn Arn?

Danilo “Kuya Totong” Federez is a 59-year-old professional puppeteer, who is also known to the UH crew as the brains behind Arn-arn. In 1996, he became a professional puppeteer who starred in a show with Joey de Leon. Because of his impeccable skills, he was invited to showcase his talent on UH.

Who is the head of GMA News and public affairs?

Division of GMA Network Country Philippines Area served Worldwide Key people Marissa L. Flores (SVP, News and Public Headquarters GMA Network Center, EDSA cor. Timog Ave.

When was GMA News Channel 7 first established?

While RBS Channel 7 was established in 1961, it was in the 1970s that GMA became one of the most-watched television news source in the country. In 1983, Channel 7 was the first to break the news of Ninoy Aquino ‘s death and later would be the only television station to broadcast his funeral.

Who are the producers of the GMA show?

The award also recognizes Marissa Flores as the executive producer and a team of producers, writers, directors and reporters, as well as Jessica Soho, Michelle Seva-Recto, Jay Taruc, Leogarda Sanchez and Rowel Cornejo, Melchor Quintos and Gregg Gonzales.

Who are the anchors on ABC 7 Chicago?

Terrell Brown is an American news anchor/reporter currently working at ABC 7 Chicago. He anchors ABC 7 Eyewitness morning newscasts from 4:30 to 7:00 AM and also the 11 AM weekday newscasts. Terrell Brown is an American news anchor/reporter currently working at ABC 7 Chicago.