Who are the members of F4?

Who are the members of F4?

Jerry YanVocals
Vic ChouVocalsVanness WuVocalsKen ChuVocals

What happen to F4?

The group has been inactive since 2008, but the foursome have remained good friends, unlike a certain other boyband. But they’ve been so busy with their own lives and careers that reunions have been few and far between. The last time F4 was on stage together was at the Jiangsu TV Spring Festival in 2013.

What means F4?

Definition. F4. Form 4. F4. Fantasy 4ever (music album)

How tall are the F4?

Interesting fact: The boys are all 21 years old and boast an average height of 1.85m, which makes them the tallest and youngest bunch of actors to play the iconic characters.

What does F4 stand for Boys Over Flowers?

The Flower Four
The Flower Four ( 花の4人組 , Flower Four), also spelled Flowers Four or Flowery Four, best known as the F4 ( エフ・フォー , F4), is a clique of childhood friends.

Who are the members of the band F4?

F4 ( Flower Four) or JVKV was a Taiwanese boy band consisting of Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou. The group F4 was formed in 2001 after the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden that they starred in was widely successful. Together they have starred in several Taiwanese drama series and released three albums, Meteor Rain (2001),

When did F4 become a boy band in China?

It was also released in some place of Europe. The series was aired on Xing Kong channel, and was later remade in China. A sequel, Meteor Garden II, was shot in Spain later and released in 2002. In 2001, F4 became a boy band and signed a record deal with Sony Music Taiwan.

Who are the F4 in Boys Over Flowers?

Behind the scenes 1 The F4 make their debut as a group in the first chapter of the manga, Boys Over Flowers. 2 Originally the F4 were suppose to be the “F5”, when Yoko Kamio proposed the idea to her editor. 3 When minus one member, usually Tsukasa, the F4 are instead called the “F3.”

Who are the actors that play f4 in Meteor Garden?

The actors who portrayed F4 in Meteor Garden Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si), Vic Chou (Hua Ze Lei), Ken Chu (Xi Men), and Vanness Wu (Mei Zuo) portray the F4 in Meteor Garden, Meteor Rain, and Meteor Garden II.