Who are the actors in the TV series Alias?

Who are the actors in the TV series Alias?

Jennifer Garner. Ron Rifkin. Michael Vartan. Bradley Cooper. Merrin Dungey. Carl Lumbly. Kevin Weisman. Victor Garber.

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Who was the leader of SD-6 in alias?

Playing Arvin Sloane, the cold, calculating leader of SD-6, Ron Rifkin played a menacing role in Alias. Previously best known for his performance in L.A. Confidential, Rifkin is an acting veteran with well over 50 years of acting experience.

Who was the actress who played Sydney in alias?

Let’s find out! As Sydney Bristow, a highly-skilled agent for the U.S. government, Jennifer Garner played our central protagonist in Alias. The actress won a Golden Globe and received four Emmy nominations for this performance, and it helped her become a household name.

Who is Nadia Santos in the TV show Alias?

Introduced near the end of the third season, Nadia is the daughter resulting from an affair between Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane. She is the half-sister of Sydney Bristow and Jacqueline Sloane (Arvin’s daughter with his wife, Emily).

Who is Sydney’s half-sister in the TV series Alias?

She locates her half-sister, Nadia, and rescues her from being killed by the Covenant. At the end of the season, Sydney goes on a mission and encounters Lauren. After they battle, Lauren begins to taunt Sydney by saying she has information about her past.

Who is Milo Rambaldi in the TV series Alias?

Alias (TV series) A major plotline of the series is the search for and recovery of artifacts created by Milo Rambaldi, a fictitious Renaissance-era figure with similarities to both Leonardo da Vinci and Nostradamus. This plot and some technologies used in the series place Alias into the genre of science fiction.

Series cast summary: Jennifer Garner Sydney Bristow / 105 episodes, 2001- Greg Grunberg Eric Weiss 55 episodes, 2001-2006 David Anders Julian Sark 55 episodes, 2002-2006 Merrin Dungey Francie Calfo / 47 episodes, 2001-20 Bradley Cooper Will Tippin 46 episodes, 2001-2006

Who is Sydney Bristow in the TV series Alias?

Part James Bond, part Indiana Jones, Garner’s Sydney Bristow is a hero for the ages. ‘Alias’ is at once epic, heart-warming, exciting, and ultimately unforgettable; a true gem in the history of serialized television. 92 of 117 people found this review helpful.

Where was the first episode of alias filmed?

In the pilot episode, several scenes were shot on the set of J.J. Abrams ‘ other series, Felicity (1998) (Danny’s apartment, and the bathroom where Sydney dyed her hair the famous red color). See more » In the first episode of Season 2 Sydney is shot in the shoulder.

What happens to Vaughn and Sydney in alias?

Meanwhile, Vaughn struggles with his own feelings of jealousy and longing while Sydney is on her mission, aware of the pressures his job is putting on his marriage to Lauren.