Which soccer player has the nicest house?

Which soccer player has the nicest house?

1. David Beckham. When it comes to homes owned by soccer players, there’s no one who can beat David Beckham and his wife, Victoria. For years they were the proud owners of one of the most amazing properties in the British countryside, that was even dubbed as the “Beckingham Palace”, but they’ve sold it back in 2013.

Which football player has the most expensive house?

1. Lionel Messi House. When it comes to the list of most expensive soccer players houses in 2021, Lionel Messis’s homes top the list. Reportedly, the football star owns two houses in Barcelona, Spain, plus one house in Argentina (his homeland).

What footballer owns a stately home?

Ryan Giggs – Est. Giggs has probably been the most celebrated Red Devil in the history of the English Premier League side. Moving on to the properties he has under his belt, Giggs owned a mansion in Manchester and the five-bedroom abode is nothing less than a beauty.

Where do most football players live?

Instead, players choose to live close to their stadium and/or workout facility. They live in cookie cutter neighborhoods with spacious lots, big back yards and good school districts.

What celebrities live in Alderley?

David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham previously resided in Alderley Edge. A number of Coronation Street actors, including Helen Flanagan, Denise Welch and Richard Fleeshman, also live in the village. Additionally musicians Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook both live in the village.

Who has the biggest house in NFL?

Most Expensive Homes of NFL Players

  1. Tom Brady – Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Boston – $40 million.
  2. Tony Romo – Glen Abbey, Dallas, Texas – $6 million.
  3. Reggie Bush ($5.7 Million)
  4. Brandon Marshall ($4.9 Million) Southwest Ranches, Florida.
  5. Peyton Manning ($4.6 Million), Cherry Hills Village, Denver, Colorado.