Which is the strongest Confraternity in Nigeria?

Which is the strongest Confraternity in Nigeria?

Supreme Eiye Confraternity/Association of Air Lords This confraternity is termed the top on the list of most dangerous and deadly groups. Set up in 1965 at University of Ibadan it was first called the Eiye confraternity.

How many bodies do we have in NBM?

How many bodies do we have in NBM? NBM basically consists of two bodies: that of zones and that of temples, with the temples being seen as the source of all problems within the confraternity.

Where was black AXE found?

The Neo-Black Movement of Africa (also called Black Axe) emerged from the University of Benin in Edo State.

What is secret cultist?

Definition of Cultism. Cultism can also be called secret cult; it can be defined as an enclosed organized association devoted to the same course. Members of this group always commit themselves to oath and allegiance which serves as their strong bond.

Which Confraternity is the first in Nigeria?

Pyrates Confraternity
The first student cult organization in Nigeria was registered in 1952 as a social-cultural club by the name: National Association of Sea Dogs (Pyrates Confraternity).

What is Korofo?

korofo. in Yoruba (Nigeria) language means : empty; run out of; no substance.

What does Korofo mean?

What is the meaning of black AXE?

NIGERIA, GERMANY – In the 1970s Nigerian students founded a fraternity to fight against oppression and racism. Today, their name appears worldwide in connection with criminal activities. In Nigeria, the NBM has repeatedly been associated with the “Black Axe”, a forbidden gang involved in violence and killings.

What is EIYE motto?

”Eiye o ni sasun,eiye mbuta”meaning ‘the bird has no cooking pot,but eat the best. pepper soup”. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity a.k.a National Association Of Airlords was formed at. University of Ibadan in 1965 as a GENUINE desire to be free from BONDAGE,ILL-CONCEIVED REGULATION.

What is the full meaning of aye?

Aye means yes; used in some dialects of British English. ‘Do you remember your first day at school?’ —’Oh aye. Yeah.

Who is Felix Kupa?

Felix Kupa – CEO – Ed-Kay petroleum | LinkedIn.

What is the trinity of NBM?

NBM TRINITY: The Neo Black Movement and its members are guided in their actions, thoughts and expressions by the concept of NBM Trinity, which can be compared to the standard upon which the fiery cauldron of life rests. These guiding principles are reason, courage and grace.

What kind of society are confraternities in Nigeria?

Confraternities in Nigeria are secret-society like student groups within higher education that have recently been involved in illegal and violent activities.

Are there any confraternities in the University of Ibadan?

The Supreme Eiye Confraternity (also known as the National Association of Air Lords) was formed in the University of Ibadan in 1975.In the 1980s confraternities spread throughout the over 300 institutions of higher education in the country. The Neo-Black Movement of Africa (also called Black Axe) emerged from the University of Benin in Edo State.

What was the first confraternity in the world?

The first confraternity, the Pyrates Confraternity was created as a social organization for promising students. However, as new confraternities were formed, they became increasingly violent through the 1970s and 1980s.

Who are the members of the Pyrates Confraternity?

Roughly analogous to the fraternities and sororities of North America, the Pyrates Confraternity proved popular among students, even after the original members moved on. Membership was open to any promising male student, regardless of tribe or race, but selection was stringent and most applicants were denied.